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Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 30, 2018 05:24PM)
Hey gang,

Just a heads-up that my friend [b]Paul Romhany[/b] has been working on something very special and here it is...



LIMITED TO ONLY 500 COPIES[/i] – once sold NO more will be printed.
[*]Comes with a signed and numbered card inside each book PLUS a bonus link on each card with more access to other magic tricks.
[*]A full 176 Pages!

The editor of [url=http://www.vanishmagazine.com]VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE[/url] [b]Paul Romhany[/b] has went through and selected his favorite picks from the first year of VANISH and has released them all in a beautiful hard cover book “[i]THE COLLECTORS EDITION – YEAR ONE[/i].”

You will get over 30 magic tricks from the first year and 15 essays PLUS a bonus trick section ONLY available to those who purchase the book. There is a wide range of magic covered from close-up, mentalism, kids magic to stage illusions and the essays by some of the world’s leading performers discuss how to get more work, sound system advice, advertising techniques and more.

No expense has been spared in producing a high quality book worthy of [url=http://www.vanishmagazine.com]VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE[/url]. This is [i]limited edition[/i] and once gone NO MORE WILL BE PRODUCED.

Contributors to [url=http://www.vanishmagazine.com]VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE[/url] during year one include [b]Andrew Gerard, Mark Parker, Richard Webster, Wayne Rogers, TC Tahoe, Banachek, Tony Chris, JC Sum, Magic Babe Ning, Nick Lewin, Charles Bach, Ben Robinson[/b] to name only a few.

If you are a fan of VANISH you simply do not want to miss this opportunity. ;)


Message: Posted by: magicnorm (Sep 30, 2018 11:44PM)
Where is it available.?
Message: Posted by: magic.42 (Oct 1, 2018 10:53AM)
I checked the Vanishing inc. web site and there is no information about it. I just emaied the site and when I get some info about the where, when, and how to purchased the hardbound edition I will post it for the members.
Take Care!
Message: Posted by: magic.42 (Oct 1, 2018 11:48AM)
I just received a response from Paul Romhany from Vanishing Inc.

It is indeed correct - releases today ... available at any magic shop - price is $55.00

Note: I can not find any magic web site that has it. I call Tannen and they had not even heard of it, yet. My guess is it takes some time before the web sites are updated, being that it was just released today ( Shipped??). Anyway, I would think that the first site to make it available would be Vanishing Inc since it is their book/magazine. At least, we now know the price( $55 ).
Take Care-
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 1, 2018 01:50PM)
The release of the VANISH COLLECTION YEAR ONE (the BEST of year one - my personal favorite routines and articles from the first year) is happening at NOON today - check in with your favorite [url=http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S25724]magic dealer[/url] before they all ..... VANISH. Only 500 printed then that's it for Year one! ;)