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Topic: Slick ace fluid
Message: Posted by: Alex Day (Oct 9, 2018 12:23AM)
I just spent five hours printing a deck. It was good but I used workable fixative wich has a Matt finish. I thought slick ace fluid. Sense no one knows what it is I search my local drug store for something that will be the equivalent. I've tried fruits finishing jell but it didn't do much. Wheat grass. Tresume pantine alburto ag dove. Dove worked but it smelled like dove. Saline, krylon gloss, varithane Matt. Satin finish shellac,
Yes I'm very good at ruining cards. Maybe when Dai Vernon brought up slick ace fluid he was hoping for the future. Because we have rough but everyone thinks there is a smooth. Lybrary dot com has a finish but it's too expensive. I have a feeling I've been through this before. But you got to know when to stop because I ruined a perfectly good deck of cards. Tell me if you have had this problem.
Message: Posted by: Chris (Oct 9, 2018 09:28AM)
[quote]On Oct 9, 2018, Alex Day wrote:
Lybrary dot com has a finish but it's too expensive.[/quote]
I would take issue with that. Yes, it is not cheap compared to other over the counter coatings, but it is the real deal and works. Meaning it is the stuff that real playing cards are coated with. It works better than anything else. I have myself tried pretty much all sprays, polishes, and waxes available over the counter. Nothing works well. The card coating I sell https://www.lybrary.com/kardkoating-playing-card-coating-p-46771.html can be applied either with a hard rubber brayer or sprayed on with an airbrush. I have tested this for years and make cards for more than a decade. If you want to experiment yourself go ahead. You will probably spend more buying various products that do not work. I have done all the testing and experimenting for you.
Message: Posted by: Alex Day (Oct 9, 2018 09:23PM)
Thanks for the reply. Having a great time with kardkutter and my paper. The paper is just like bicycle. Now I'm probably spending money I could put towards kardkoating.
I had a chat with someone once that got frustrated he said there was no slick ace fluid. He said it was roughing fluid. Because you ruff every one except the aces. We told him about kardkoating.
Message: Posted by: yannhardy75 (Oct 25, 2018 08:27PM)
Hi guys, be carefull.. card coating and slick ace are two diferent things...
i use my own slick ace formula (from mycheating back days) to put an extra slick on some key cards..it work well even with a new deck BUT the handling is totally different from a card coating formula..
i think that if you want to put a great finish on your printed cards you will have to buy a card coating formula... slick aces is another stuff..
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