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Topic: Carpenter Coins
Message: Posted by: WayneNZ (Oct 9, 2018 06:11AM)
Anybody know who stocks this copper/silver /brass effect please?
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Oct 9, 2018 10:59AM)
I thank vanishing ink is going to be putting it out! :)
Message: Posted by: WayneNZ (Oct 10, 2018 05:41AM)
Thanks David.
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Oct 10, 2018 04:42PM)
Your welcome ! :)

Yea it is A smaller Kennedy half size of my Cerberus Gaff! ( jack came up with it himself Without knowing about my Cerberus Gaff! ) Jack has 1 routine for it! And I Have A DVD of 10 Routines, And a Softbound Book of 3 routines On it! :)