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Topic: Legal or not?
Message: Posted by: fcchief1 (Oct 11, 2018 05:22PM)
I posted earlier but the post never made it to the boards. Maybe they did not like this certain individual being called out in a public forum, so will try this route. I purchased a magic course which promised hours of personal video, cards, rubiks cube. It was purchased thru a funding site. There were 8 modules and special instruction on card artistry and the rubiks cube which were suppose to be all finished up back in August. In July this person emailed all those that purchased the various level packages, giving release dates. Well only 4 modules were ever released. Did get the cards and cube. When I went to the site today, it was gone!! Poof, vanished!!! In its place was a new page with this "magician" asking for email address so one could be notified of his live workshop which was free. (He also sent out an email a few days ago touting this new workshop). So what would you do? He made over $70,000 funding this project. Am considering going to the FTC as all attempts to contact him have resulted in Zero responses, that includes PM's on his FB page, emails to his support link, even a handwritten letter to him, which he never acknowledged or answered.
Message: Posted by: stempleton (Oct 11, 2018 06:17PM)
Have you contacted the funding site to which you referred? I've heard that brings a solution in some cases.
Message: Posted by: fcchief1 (Oct 11, 2018 09:12PM)
Yes, but they do not issue refunds once the funds have been disbursed. Only way to contact is via e-mail or snail Mail, and so far that has been a dead end, even as he keeps peddling his new courses and teachings. I would mention his name if I knew it would help the demographic he is targeting. But afraid it would get deleted or I would get banned for doing so here, although I thought that is the reason we have this forum. He is a big internet, FB, Instagram "star" even has a fairly well know magician assisting him in some of his videos.
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Oct 12, 2018 04:18AM)
Idk what funding site your talking about but it didn't matter to my credit card company, even after 6 months. Explained to them the situation and received, a full refund. I'd try that and see what happens. Could you please pm me the name of the magician who scammed you? I like to keep a list of those I will never do business with. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: fcchief1 (Oct 12, 2018 03:47PM)
Unfortunately I have changed banks since then (back in April), So there is no card or account to refund and they stated that once they disbursed the funds (Indiego) that you have to deal with the business. Will PM you his name.
Message: Posted by: Cleverpaws (Oct 12, 2018 04:52PM)
These crowdfunding sites are all similar. Kickstarter is the same. When contacted (because like you say there is only an email to the creator), Kickstarter tells you to refer to their guidelines, there's nothing they can do.
Their guidelines say that the creator must produce what they say they will, but when it comes down to it there doesn't seem to be any recourse. I am much more wary of these sites now. I have one that was supposed to be ready in March, they keep promising...
Message: Posted by: no2ss (Oct 13, 2018 02:41AM)
The FTC has been known to go after crowdfunding campaigns, so it's worth filing a complaint (most complaints won't go anywhere though, but you never know).

You should also reach out to Indiegogo. While in many cases they won't do anything, they do have a trust & safety team who does try to deal with the worst offenders (I know, I've dealt with them before). That doesn't mean they'll absolutely help, but in some egregious cases they will get involved.

There are also public "complaint" boards (Ripoff Report, ****ed Consumer) where you can post "reviews" explaining what happened. Those never get taken down though, so you'd be branding the person for life.

Conceivably, depending on where you and/or the magician is, small claims court processes could be used. But those can be quite a hassle for all involved.
Message: Posted by: The Duster (Oct 14, 2018 03:44AM)
It does read like it’s aimed at ppl who don’t want to be magicians but want to impress friends/girls:

“Masterful Magic is designed to give you fast results...while putting in minimal effort.
Masterful Magic utilizes my proven system that allows anybody to perform high caliber magic even if they know nothing about magic.

Now what if I told you there are several hundred different methods in magic that all accomplish the same result? Some methods are way harder than others (That's what the other courses teach)...and others methods are WAY EASIER (That's what I teach)...but again they get the SAME RESULT.

So instead of working harder...we're going to work smarter

That's why for today only, masterful magic is available for pre-order at $97 dollars...if you wait the price will go back up to $197... and eventually retail for $400.”

It all reads like red flags

Sounds like Paul Vu is yet another magician to do a failed presale campaign

Once they get the money the incentive to complete projects clearly diminishes
Message: Posted by: fcchief1 (Oct 15, 2018 04:57PM)
The Duster, I agree. I was not impressed by his approach from the few videos I watched. It is a scheme to make him money while supposedly making you a magician with little effort. I have filed my complaint against Paul Vu with the FTC and the BBB. The BBB asked for a litte more info, which I can give, at least the address, as there is no phone number that I can find. They also want a receipt however I do not have it, lost a lot of my previous emails on my Yahoo. Also since making the payment back in April I have closed that bank account and consolidated everything to my credit union, so hard to do a look back.
As far as small claims court, I am in WA he is in CA, so would not waste my time and money. Oh look another email from him giving me free magic lessons, guess I will learn craz mans handcuffs!!! SMH!!!!!
Message: Posted by: debjit (Mar 20, 2019 11:08AM)
Try emailing Paul Vu or contact him on Facebook. If that doesn't work, just report it to the web host of his current website.