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Topic: Fat magicians in tuxedos
Message: Posted by: Futureal (Oct 13, 2018 02:27AM)
Why are there so many terribly out of shape childrenís entertainers who wear tuxedos? There seem to be many of them in the USA and Canada especially. First of all the tuxedo is EVENING WEAR for FORMAL occasions. Magicians wearing them during the day and especially for childrenís events just looks so tacky and cliche, itís the stereotype of the hack magician who wears outdated black formal wear because that was the style in the mid 1800s. I hate to break it to you but Houdinís ďmodern magicĒ was two hundred years ago!

Secondly the morbid obesity, it sets a terrible example to children. We have an epidemic particularly here in the States and itís spreading to the rest of the western world. PLEASE, you guys supposedly take your art seriously and think nothing of dropping thousands of dollars on new tricks, backdrops, new toys etc but you wonít invest in yourself and control your eating for a few months to drop a few pounds? Again, itís the stereotype fat tuxedo magician (probably with a cumberbund straight out of 1974) who does balloon animals and dorky tricks like Fraidy Cat Rabbit and Attaboy and all the stuff from the old catalogues with the nonsensical Asian paintwork on it.

Itís not 1965 anymore.

Itís not even 1985 or 2005.

Take a look at the world we live in and PLEASE, if you canít quite make it up to 2018 to join the rest of the world, at least make it up to the 1990s or 2000s.

Throw your tuxedo away. Unless youíre getting married, or doing a legitimately high end event (where everyone ELSE is also dressed in one) you just look goofy and ridiculous.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Oct 13, 2018 08:50AM)
Yuk. A fat shaming post.

There must be a better way to bring up and discuss these topics.

- Donald

P.S. Yes, I wear a suit-style tuxedo and I'm overweight. (And I know there are other performers, too... so I know the post wasn't aimed specifically at me.) I'm happy to discuss the topic with someone who isn't ranting at me / criticizing me.
Message: Posted by: TommyJ (Oct 13, 2018 10:12AM)
Wow, that did sound kind of harsh :)

But, heres my take on performing attire. I like to wear vests with stars, glitter etc when performing children shows. I have been ridiculed by a few people for doing so. My take on it is that magic is a novelty form of entertainment and I've always held the position that if it fits your style, then do it. It fits MY performing style.

I don't see anything wrong with someone wearing a formal tux. I'm sure the lay audience doesn't think anything of it. Tux's aren't outdated, just MPO. I do not wear one, but I feel it gives a classy look.

For adult gigs or when performing for older kids and teens, I wear all black with a black sport jacket . . . fits my style.

I DO agree that there are some props that are simply getting outdated. As for the over weight thing, I'm staying out of that one :)

Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Oct 13, 2018 12:02PM)
Future real, tell Lance Burton that he is out of style.

You probably won't because he is doing fine in a tux. What you have a problem with is the overweight part.
I'm overweight and I have a problem with it. Most of us overweight folks are struggling with it.
Thank goodness we have you to point out the problem.
Why don't you tell us what we should wear, you know, until we manage to weigh what you do.

By the way, Children's Magicians are not the only ones who are getting fat. Cops, Drs. Mothers, Fathers, Teachers and many others have issues with weight as well.
We still have to make a living and do our jobs.

-Mary Mowder
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 13, 2018 10:19PM)
Futureal, you are describing yourself aren't you? But you do not want to show anyone. I understand. You ever thought about taking care of your personal issues instead of trying to blame others? I promise you can take care of personal things your are not satisfied with about yourself if you really try. I notice how you come here a lot to criticize others and not post any pictures or performances of yourself. To be honest with you, when you point a finger at someone else, you are pointing three fingers at yourself. If you need a coach, go ahead and find a good one who can help you with your personal challenges. When you improve your shows with entertainment come back and let us know. We will congratulate you.
Message: Posted by: MichaelCGM (Oct 14, 2018 10:44AM)
And yet another self-serving critic who believes it is his duty to tell everyone else what they should look like, what they should perform and how they should dress. Whatever on earth did full-time pros do before we were so enlightened by the critic-gurus?
Message: Posted by: Dr. Delusion (Oct 16, 2018 11:03PM)
What a sad way to think. Add me to the list of overweight magicians. Do I wear a Tux?, No, but I do dress up with a sequined tie and all my jackets are flashy with sequins. And yes, I've been known to perform fraidy cat rabbit, dang just about all the tricks I perform at Kid's parties are old ones. I've never had a kid point out one of my tricks is an old one that's been performed for years. I'm pretty sure that Magic Cafť is here so we can help and encourage each other, not to put anyone down.
Message: Posted by: Sal Amangka (Oct 17, 2018 10:37AM)
Sorry, but that was indeed very harsh... Also the classic effects are still the best!
Message: Posted by: charliecheckers (Oct 17, 2018 06:42PM)
[quote]On Oct 13, 2018, Donald Dunphy wrote:
I'm happy to discuss the topic with someone who isn't ranting at me / criticizing me. [/quote]

I agree with Donald. No need to rant, but I believe Futureal brought up legitimate topics. Here is my take:
Tuxedo- magicians are not real. We are playing a character. We can depict the character any way we see fit, including wearing a tux, but we should be making our costume choice with intent, not default. It should accentuate and represent our brand. We should be open to changing our costume if doing so better meets the needs of our character or business.
Obesity- Futereal brings up a good point, that we should be role models for our young audiences. This is true with how we look, speak, and behave. Being fit is only one component of this and only one way to offer yourself as a role model. While I agree we should strive to be fit, we can also be role models by showing that we donít let our failures in one aspect of life prohibit us from success in another, while we work to address our weaknesses.
Props- It should be made with purpose and direction that enhances our brand and business needs. We should be cautious that we are not making lazy or uninspired choices. This is no different than ones costume decisions.
Message: Posted by: Ken Northridge (Oct 17, 2018 08:28PM)
Nothing projects respect and success like a tuxedo.

Nothing makes kids laugh more than Run Rabbit Run and the other classics

Do I need to list the many successful entertainers throughout the years that happened to be overweight?

Have a nice day!
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Nov 7, 2018 04:25AM)

Stop worrying about what other magicians are doing. If someone asks for your advice give it. If you don't have a weight problem don't kid yourself that it's because of your willpower. I was thin until my late 20s. I didn't suddenly stop caring about my body and I didn't suddenly lose my willpower. My metabolism changed. I've lost a lot of weight three times in my life and each time the weight came back. It's an ongoing struggle that many people never have to deal with. Oprah Winfrey has personal chefs and trainers and knows the whole world is watching her and still she battles weight.
Message: Posted by: Danny Kazam (Nov 8, 2018 03:30PM)
Classic tricks will always have a special place in our art, but I do think we should also be thinking creatively to advance the art, and the props we use. What we create today will one day become classics to others in the future. What we refer to classics today will more than likely be considered antique. The great thing about any art is how it reflects on the time period it was created. Art has to evolve, and sometimes that means putting away the old mediums/props in favor of new ones.
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Nov 8, 2018 08:44PM)
Be thankful for the tux... I would be more worried if it was the 80's hair band spandex, no matter what size the mage is.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 3, 2018 03:21AM)
For when a tux is appropriate, sometimes a cummerbund doesn't work well. If a performer has a few extra pounds, the cummerbund may roll up. That thin strap in the back is horrible - it should be wide, all the way around one's waist. Another solution is a vest.
Message: Posted by: imgic (Dec 12, 2018 05:40PM)
Think Futureal came back to check on the grenade he threw into the Cafť?
Message: Posted by: Nem (Apr 12, 2019 05:42AM)
More important to this is the venue and character you portray. There are still many places where a Tux is appropriate.
Message: Posted by: harris (Apr 17, 2019 02:42PM)
Addiction to food is among the first.
It can be as cunning as addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

One can not give up food.
Over eating is but a symptom of other issues

From thyroid to emotional eating.

It is one of my own issues.
I have found help in Overeaters Anonymous
And Celebrate Recovery.

I have also performed on this subject at regional conventions of O. A. (America and Canada), National Council of alcohol and drugs. Etcsharing my story with
I have also worked with recovering people for 44 years.

Is food a drug?
Perhaps for some.

Doing mostly music these days.
Iím down with a collapsed lung and passing time when I returned to TMC

Still too old to know it all.
Message: Posted by: harris (Apr 18, 2019 05:28AM)
Back to wearing a tux.
Some can pull it off and it works.

Thereís a whole section on the Cafť called the clothes we wear.
Perhaps this could be moved their.

I own a tux and it gets out occasionally.
I wear it with a shirt with simple but snazzy buttons.

A cumberbund can be used as a h. o. or drop place.
Being clean and feeling good.
Pocket management could be a side topic

If you are doing s show on Health one might ....
lost my train of thought

Hey itís only 5:30

Still too old to know it all.
Message: Posted by: Ken Northridge (Apr 19, 2019 06:07AM)
[quote]On Apr 18, 2019, Harris wrote:
Thereís a whole section on the Cafť called the clothes we wear.
Perhaps this could be moved their.

Honestly, I don't think this thread belongs anywhere on The Magic Cafť.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Apr 19, 2019 09:32PM)
I agree Ken.
Message: Posted by: Futureal (Apr 29, 2019 12:59AM)
[quote]On Oct 13, 2018, Mary Mowder wrote:
Future real, tell Lance Burton that he is out of style.

Burton performs on STAGES. Totally different scenario.

He doesn't turn up to a kid's party in someone's back yard in the middle of the afternoon wearing a tux.
Message: Posted by: jamiedoyle (May 7, 2019 02:55PM)

Burton performs on STAGES. Totally different scenario.

He doesn't turn up to a kid's party in someone's back yard in the middle of the afternoon wearing a tux. [/quote]

Tell you what - give Lance a call and find out IF he were booked for a kid's birthday party in the middle of an afternoon for a legitimate paying gig, what he would wear and let us know. If you're not going to do that, don't be a pretentious know-it-all.

If you're "entertainment", you wear whatever accentuates your style.
Message: Posted by: amazing eric (May 28, 2019 12:22PM)
I totally wear a tux and am...not thin. What's more, I am paid to do so. In addition, I use the classics of magic...INCLUDING Fraidy Kat Rabbit. I make my living doing this and am proud of it. Just sayin my two cents.
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (May 28, 2019 02:04PM)
Way to go Eric!!!!
Message: Posted by: Redfoot (Jun 22, 2019 04:27PM)
Perhaps Future real believes suspending yourself in a transparent box in Trafalgar Square for forty days without food should be a rite of passage.
Message: Posted by: danfreed (Jun 22, 2019 11:12PM)
The only issue I have with people in tux's for kids parties and events is that they would get way too hot for me (and I suppose most people?), I wear a vest often, but even that often gets too hot and I don't wear it in those cases.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 23, 2019 03:52AM)
I use to wear a suit to my shows for adults and children. I had a potential client ask, when they seen my promo picture, they ask why I was wearing a suit and not a magician's outfit, formal suit with tails.

You see that is the image many clients have in their mind when they think of a magician and what he should look like. Probably because of the comic strip, Mandrake the Magician. Anyway, the client is who hires you, so it they want you to wear tails, then wear tails if you want to get hired and work.

Suits or formal tails look a lot better then Bermuda Shorts, and hairy legs.

If you are going to bill yourself as a magician, then you should look like a magician, and not any guy off the street. It is part of being in character as a magician.

This is in part, why I created my tag line, "Magic In The Modern Manner".

Oh, and I only work in air conditioned homes and building.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jun 23, 2019 11:36AM)
When I was 16, I bought "white tie and tails". I was trying to be suave and debonair! At 16, I wasn't. Heqq, at 87, I still am not "swayve & deboner"!

When I joined the Navy, at 19, an agent told me that, if I could "make 'em laugh", he would get me lots of work. I dumped the tails!

When I "went" full time touring schools, I wore a "sharp" suit. After a few years, I wore a sport coat and slacks with a black shirt.

Southern schools are not always air conditioned! I sometimes worked in a short sleeved polo shirt, and neat Bermuda Shorts In winter, in North Dakota, I wore black turtle necks with a woolen sport coat and slacks Doing three or more a day, there was no time to change to a tuxedo, and the principals were happy with my wardrobe.

When JAY MARSHALL saw my red plaid jacket, he bought one, too!

I never had a desire to work Las Vegas!
Message: Posted by: Al Kazam the Magic Man (Jul 5, 2019 09:55AM)
There's a magician on my FB page called Mark Comley. He works many fairs and wears shorts, colourful shirt and shoes without socks. He does several hundred shows a year. Kind of says it all. Wear what works for you.
Message: Posted by: TomB (Jul 17, 2019 07:16PM)
Just curious Futureal, what should a fat magician at a kids party wear?

Is your issue it is cliche or because you do not feel the style is flattering?

I like suspenders on heavier set guys. For some reason, I think it looks better than a belt.

Kevin James is a heavier set magician. He usually wears a suit. Would that be acceptable in your view?