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Topic: First authentic Seance
Message: Posted by: MM2714330 (Oct 17, 2018 02:43AM)
I happened to be in Los Angeles this past weekend and contacted a past podcast show guest who owns a house featured on Ghost Adventures. Turned out he had a medium and a group of people for a Seance this very night and I was invited over. . The atmosphere was less formal than I expected. Anyway if you have any interest hereís a link to my live stream from the house during the Seance. What I witnessed was an eccentric looking medium, older women, who looked as if she could have been in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. She was very broad with her statements and everytime someone at the table bit. The method she used was people asking questions and looking at the flame of a candle for some reaction. I must say I did feel a strange body buzz at one point that was probably me being excited to witness the process. This video starts with an introduction to the house being haunted, itís location being 400 feet from the Charles Manson Tate murder house, then we see the Seance in the basement via security video cameras installed in the house. This month heís opening the house to more visitors if youíre interested. Video link: https://www.pscp.tv/w/bpbfLDEwNjE1MjE4fDFuQUtFUXBsTXdWS0z7LJ5GGHNAaJxQEKMP0HMVhtsI2g6-Wy6PwOfar4-eMw==
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Oct 17, 2018 06:56PM)
I just can't view videos not shot in landscape format. They're just unwatchable. I'm sure it's good, but the poor use of space and composition hurt my eyes and brain.
Message: Posted by: MM2714330 (Oct 18, 2018 02:46AM)
Hey Wiz itís the world we live in. I myself have adapted quickly.