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Topic: Gypsy Thread?
Message: Posted by: MontrealMagic (Oct 18, 2018 12:16PM)
I hope I am in the right place.....

I am looking to add Gypsy thread to my show, and I have no experience with it. I poked around and found a few online DVDs, but I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good thread (viewable on stage?) as well a suggestion of the "better methods" to learn.

thanks in advance,
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Oct 18, 2018 05:40PM)
Two recommendations come to mind immediately.

First for the really budget conscious. Jeff Hobson has an excellent streaming video of his handling of the Gypsy Thread. The video gives all the details one could want including the source for a very visible,THICK appearing, super easy to break, and inexpensive thread. It will probably be the best $5.00 you'll ever spend. You'll have to find the yarn buy it (less than a minute online and less than $10.00)) , do a little Arts and crafts (maybe a minute or three), AND you will have to develop your own routine for performing the routine.

Found at:http://www.hobsonschoicemagic.com

My Second recommendation has to be Nick Lewin's master class in the Gypsy Thread. He calls his "Gypsy Yarn". It is a turn-key package including everything you need to get started and to continue to perform this routine on stage (Parlor or close-up too). He supplies the proper thread/yarn and I believe will re-supply, at a nominal fee, when you run out, DVD instructions, Music, and a few other items that either are used in the routine or make the set-up super easy. . Nick's complete package is $139.00 and more than worth it. Ever aspect, nuance and handling issue is well covered by his 30 plus years of performing the routine. You'll do nothing except start practicing and rehearsing. Truly a complete package and a good value for the money.

It is found at:

A third version I think is worthy to look at is Gaetan Bloom's "Gypsy Thread". Gaetan's version is different in approach than almost another version out there. But then it's from Gaeton so being novel is expected. The only other version I can think of that is even close to Gaetan's is one in a set of Pat Page notes (Pat fooled me badly performing it close-up). Gaeton designed his for fairly close-up audiences (think cabaret). In Gaetan's version audience members cut the sewing thread into small lengths with scissors. The restoration is open and instantaneous. You get a DVD instruction and a gimmick (utility prop?) for $35.00.

See it at:

There are novelty versions (Clark's Gypsy Balloon, and a Gypsy Yo-Yo) out there but I've not handled or studied them so will encourage others to comment on them.
Message: Posted by: MontrealMagic (Oct 19, 2018 07:52AM)
Wow! That is awesome Harry, Much appriciated. I have opted to get the Gaetan bloom version, a spool of florescent thread, and the Theory 11 version (it was recommended), but before I click the order button....

Is it feasible to perform this on stage? I have a section of my show that I wanted to change/add, and the torn and restored thread would accent the story. I am just worried that "people in the back row" wouldn't see anything. I know I can do it with neon thread and black light, but that would not fit with the rest of the performance, and I'd rather not change the mood.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Oct 19, 2018 08:52AM)
How large an audience? For a moderate size audience/room and using white thread (the Hobson recommended thread shows well from the stage). You should have no trouble.

I've not used florescent thread so cannot comment on its visibility. Let me say I do not like changing the light to a special lighting (UV) light. I think it makes the audience think there is something suspicious going on.

Under normal lighting in a moderate size room I believe that the yarn that Hobson recommends is visible. I think the thread that Tony Clark sells is pretty visible too. It is bright white. Of the two the Hobson yarn is thicker than the Clark thread. Both are very bright white. The Hobson yarn can be bought in various colors if needed.

I don't remember what if anything came with the Bloom version. I think Gaetan uses a red thread on the video and is performing in a small room (studio). Geatan uses a long thread. It is normal sewing thread and best used for close-up. For stage a thicker thread/yarn should be used. How you use a thicker thread/yarn with Gaetan's version is to simply use a shorter length. Experiment.
Message: Posted by: Doug Arden (Oct 23, 2018 03:58PM)
Montreal Magic:

Ted Outerbridge (Outerbridge Magic), has flourescent thread. Here is the link: https://www.outerbridgemagic.com/uv-gypsy-thread/

He also has a thicker, flourescent material, Gypsy String.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Oct 24, 2018 09:42AM)
Suggest you purchase the Supreme Publication called, "Hindu Thread often referred to as the Gypsy Thread by Lewis Ganson". It is still available on line magic websites. It has a number of methods as well as the classic method, most often used.

I have seen Billy McComb perform the effect with white thread in an theater of 1200 audience members. No problem see the thread as long as you have good lighting.

The best original thread is no longer made, the company went out of business years ago, in England. I guess they use something else for Taylor's thread when making custom suites these days. This thread would break very easily with just a simple tug.

If you look in the close up section "Rings Strings and Things" Topic, you will find where a member did a comparison of different threads to in an attempt to find the best easily broken thread by hand, which is the classic method of performance.
Message: Posted by: gismo (Oct 25, 2018 07:29PM)
Here is a nice variant
Message: Posted by: Danny Crook (Dec 23, 2018 06:31AM)
As someone who's always loved this effect, I've collected just about every version. The ones that stand out are the first one I ever got at Tannen's, Jeff Hobson's version, and Peter Samelson's Heartstrings. The effect looks essentially the same to the spectator, like many of the methods we use for various pieces, but each has it's own building blocks.
Message: Posted by: Doctor Zolar (Dec 23, 2018 07:57AM)
I've been processing the Gypsy Thread in my head for some time and
are NOW doing the Gypsy Thread with the (thicker) "Stage Thread" that Jeff Hobson uses . . and then . . . using the the FINAL RESTORED PIECE to
cut AGAIN, (LIKE a regular cut and restored rope).
Cut in HALF, with scissors this time, small knot tied in center, string wrapped around 2-3 fingers and GIVEN to audience member/ helper/ to hold in their hand/ (closed) while they say any magical word, or blow on it, or whisper sweet nothings, or chant their ex-wife's name, and they open their hand and slowly uncoil it and
Whoa-La . . . . . it's back together again !

I especially like if I can get the audience to CHANT in unison, to help the audience member restore his/her string.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Dec 29, 2018 10:24PM)
[quote]On Dec 23, 2018, Danny Crook wrote:
The ones that stand out are the first one I ever got at Tannen's, [/quote]

That is the way it always turns out for me. Can't give up the 1st one I was exposed to, I always fall back on the 1st one I learned and practiced my heart out over.
Message: Posted by: mtstic44 (Jan 6, 2019 04:48PM)

It is a very good thread to use and it breaks easily. It is enough thread to last a life time.
I hope that helps anyone trying to find some good thread to use for the Gypsy Thread Trick.

Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Mar 13, 2019 11:34PM)
There is a wonderful version using a six-foot length of thread and it plays well even on a big stage. It is in G. Kaplan's book, Fine Art of Magic.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Mar 16, 2019 07:32AM)
Jeff Hobson is a freakin' genius! His simple handling ideas to this classic are brilliant. I would have happily spent 10 times the download price ($5) and would have been delighted with the value. His performance routine are uniquely suited to his character but most inspiring for new ideas.