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Topic: Can the Rulles Please be Bent a Little ?
Message: Posted by: The Donster (May 5, 2004 10:06AM)
Steve can the rules be slightly changed.
This board has changed and from what I hear there are more people on this board as in Moderators going thru it moving things Etc. as I'm sure we have all seen so I'm asking this. Can the rules please be changed a bit so that if we talk about a DVD on Escapes, we don't have to post it in the DVD section as in if we are talking about Building a Escape. Having to put it in the WorkShop Area Etc. It's easier for us to talk about anything with our Escapes here instead of going all over the board into diffrent sections/areas. Another example would be in some sections of the forum one might be talking about a book in let's say the Escape section. Then after a Mod catches it, it gets moved to the Book section. What I'm asking is can it be left in that section? Not evreyone has a lot of time to go thru out the whole board looking thru all the diffrent areas.

I have also noticed that people are not posting here like they did a year ago. Why is this.

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (May 5, 2004 01:17PM)
I certainly can understand your thinking here, but there is some very good logic as to why we do seperate things as you pointed out.

The review area (The Good, the Bad and the Garbage) is divided into seperate categories so folks can go to one area (as opposed to going all over the board into various forums) and quickly find information on particular products (ie, DVD's, tricks, etc) they may be considering purchasing or performing.

While I understand why you think reviews of DVD's on escapes should be in the escape area, I'm sure folks specializing in card effects would like reviews on card DVD's in the card area, coin DVD's in the coin area, etc. While this may sound simple, it really does not work well and creates a lot of chaos and confusion. Thus, the review area exists as it is.

However, we may consider actually expanding certain areas in the future. An example might be the escape section, which would have its own category and sub-forums. This would most likely happen in the areas that have the heaviest traffic.

You said; "I have also noticed that people are not posting here like they did a year ago. Why is this?"

The various folks who post here come and go like the wind. Some people stay, some leave for a time and return, some do not like our rules and policies and leave permanently and others continue to join on a daily basis (this is true for any message board). As far as postings themselves, the amount of posts made here each day has more then tripled. Hope I helped with your concerns.
If you have additional questions or comments please feel free to private message me. Thanks. :smoke: