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Topic: Use of User-Submitted Videos Outside of "You Oughta Be In Pictures"
Message: Posted by: will lane (Oct 24, 2018 11:15AM)
I've noticed that we have a dedicated sub-forum for user-submitted videos ("You Oughta..), which is fine. However, I am also noticing many user-submitted videos being posted outside of "You Oughta...", these videos however being posted in a corresponding sub-forum. This is also fine, but it is somewhat confusing. I would like to post some videos for feedback, but I am not really sure where to post them to maximize attention but also do it according to forum rules.

"You Oughta..." is kind of quiet in comparison to "The Workers" or "Nothing Up My Sleeves...", so if I [i]were[/i] to post a video demonstrating a trick I would much rather post it in a more active sub-forum. But I'm not sure what we are [i]actually[/i] supposed to do.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Oct 24, 2018 04:01PM)
Videos of yourself should always be posted in the You oughta be in Pictures. Unfortunately we can't review every forum so those members that post videos in forums other that You oughta get away with rules violations unless we catch it. You are correct that the You oughta forum doesn't get the traffic as much but if everyone followed the rules and used it post their videos, the traffic would increase.