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Topic: AYLON, Coming Soon (iPhone Mind Reading App)
Message: Posted by: JannisGk (Oct 25, 2018 06:19PM)

[i]For THE FIRST TIME EVER a magic trick app dives you into the deepest secret of magic by giving you the power to show a video of prediction of yours in the past that is revealing a randomly chosen card by your spectator in the present while your iPhone is away from you from the very beginning of the trick! [/i]

[b]A Y L O N[/b], the 8th act of our Magic App Pro Collection!


- Show a video to a spectator of a prediction you made sometime in the past.

- Move away from your iPhone and ask him to cover it with his one hand in order to prevent any optical or sound recognition while choosing a random card from an ordinary deck of cards with the other.

- After choosing his card prompt him to remove his hand and press the "Play" button!

- Your prediction on the video matches the exact card that your spectator has freely chosen!

- You can prompt the spectator to check and confirm that ALL POSSIBLE wireless communication on your iPhone are turned OFF (WiFi, Bluetooth, even GSM Network(!)), in order to block the phone's ability to send or receive any kind of information!

Once again, there are NO limitations!

-->The magician NEVER touches the phone, not a single touch after the audience's choice!
-->NOT a single touch on the screen
-->NO internet connection
-->NO other devices
-->NO GSM Network
-->NO Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access
-->NO "leave and pick your device" tricks
-->NO assistant
-->NO microphone (voice recognition)
-->NO camera (optical recognition)

You will be able to perform Aylon to anyone - anywhere - anytime! ;)

NOW AVAILABLE on the App Store, for an initial price of $19.99.