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Topic: OE Inquisitor
Message: Posted by: Nick Birch (Oct 31, 2018 07:51AM)
Just acquired (version 1), was wondering if it came with a routine or anything - I also read somewhere that it came with a piece of copper??

Please PM me if you have any insights.

Message: Posted by: MentalistCreationLab (Oct 31, 2018 12:08PM)
Version 1 is the best version of Inquisitor and in my opinion one of the best products they put out. As its the purest of constructs. Now sure if the copper piece came with that first version but I remember someone long ago mentioned the idea of adding an extra piece to enhance the psychology of the effect by holding the said object but that was years ago.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Oct 31, 2018 12:46PM)
Although not shown in this link: https://web.archive.org/web/20110119203156/http://www.outlaw-effects.com:80/store/golden-gun/the-inquisitor.html the original included a solid metal rod, about an inch thick and 3 inches long if memory serves me correctly (I sold mine). The rod had a blue patina - probably put on artificially - so I'm guessing it was copper or bronze?

It was a good psychological ruse as the rod would warm up as you held it - as all metal would, so making someone believe that it was getting "hot," was more convincing.
Message: Posted by: Darkness (Oct 31, 2018 02:02PM)
Agreed it is the best version. Top 5 of the Outlaw props.

I have it and it does have a plain copper cylinder (don't know if it originally came with it but assume it did). Doesn't really heat up cause it's so big (yes OZ on approx size). Maybe if it was pre warmed to the core, it would heat the outside up quicker.

Regardless Nick, I would find a more suitable piece of copper that could heat up quicker. Look for a cross!? The cylinder is a little boring/obvious with less story potential? Kind of the part I didn't like.

It may have come with a one pager. If I find it, I will contact you. From what I remember no routines. It goes great with Salem and/or the VVitch. I keep a hand of glory in it :) Will be fun to serve up candy tonight. So much potential for a creative mind like yours! Enjoy.

Now I see it says PM you ha! Ok well maybe this is of help to others?
Message: Posted by: Nick Birch (Nov 6, 2018 07:47AM)
Thanks guys, been discussing this with Karl who came up with it. It did come with the copper tube with sigils on the ends, I think the idea was to harness the natural conductive properties of copper to cause it to heat up slightly in the hand.

I'm on the same page as Darkness though so I'm thinking about carving a small idol to use with it or even an old folk art poppet with a rusty nail through its heart! Possibly combine it with a Pendle witch trials story. Like the fact you keep a HoG in it - I have a few of those laying around. LOL
Message: Posted by: Darkness (Nov 6, 2018 12:40PM)
Yes I believe he released it in 2009. The copper tube has a religious cross craved on both ends. You can hold it for 20 mins it won't heat (I just tried it again). It's too big.

And this is probably why:
Metal is dense and smooth. The atoms have no gaps or air between the metal particles. Your hand touches the surface and creates kinetic thermal energy, with does make heat. If the metal is colder than your body (98.7 degrees), the metal will take atoms from your hand and start to warm the metal surface. But the core of the metal will draw that heat away quickly. That huge chunk that come with Inquisitor is the wrong shape and size if you want the whole thing to heat up fairly quick. If you use cooper and it's thinner and smaller (and at room temperature and not from the trunk of you car in winter), that would make more sense. Copper does have the best thermal conductivity. Maybe dress the copper up as a idol or poppet.

There is a "melting" metal (doesn't get hot) called Gallium 99.99% that is safe to the touch and has potential. It will melt in your hand but leaves a residue. I'm sure you could put it in wolfs clothing.
Message: Posted by: Cleverpaws (Nov 6, 2018 03:50PM)
Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of any element. Think of a sterling silver spoon placed in a cup of coffee or a bowl of ice cream and how fast it changes temperature.
Of course silver is $15/oz vs copper at $1/oz
Message: Posted by: Darkness (Nov 6, 2018 04:17PM)
Yes you are correct, I should have written it better. I also didnít think that an option for this application. Plus its too shiny for me. I guess you could paint it but that's a waste of good silver. Not sure if silver would even be a substantial step up from copper as I havenít tried it. There is also gold...
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Nov 6, 2018 09:09PM)
A silver bullet perhaps? And relate the box to a werewolf tester?
Message: Posted by: TEB3 (Nov 6, 2018 09:23PM)
May I humbly suggest Hidden Things on page 22.


And this will really surprise you because of not only how it works, but because how easy it is to make.



And I have used this and made people freak out for a number of years. But also it is used in the context of the story that I tell. Naturally all of that is in the book.
Message: Posted by: Darkness (Nov 6, 2018 09:31PM)
I understand that book is very good. I should probably get it. Thanks