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Topic: Siamese stack from Memorandum
Message: Posted by: hbenod (Nov 5, 2018 10:17AM)
Anyone in these forums using "The Siamese Stack" concept from Woody Aragon as described in his latest book "Memorandum"?
Any replies regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated.


Message: Posted by: Woody Aragon (Nov 7, 2018 05:39AM)
I use it a lot!!!! XD
Message: Posted by: sgtgrey (Nov 7, 2018 09:47AM)
Haha - great response, Woody!

I actuality, I have been using such a stack for various effects for a long time, well before I read Woody's book. However, Woody has discovered many more applications for it than I had, and since then I have been slowly studying some of his ideas to see what ones appeal to me the most. I got a little off track this fall with other projects that needed my attention and priority, but now that those are past I hope to spend more time with this type of stack. I also hope to spend a lot more time with the teletriumph (all variations) as a closer. Fantastic effect.