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Topic: Ricky Jay Dead
Message: Posted by: Leo H (Nov 24, 2018 08:04PM)
Confirmed on the Genii Forum.
Message: Posted by: Leo H (Nov 24, 2018 08:35PM)
The report in Variety:

Message: Posted by: MJ Marrs (Nov 24, 2018 09:51PM)
My favorite show is the X-Files. And my favorite episode is the one with Ricky Jay. Rest In Peace good sir. May you be doing faros with the Professor.
Message: Posted by: afinemesh (Nov 25, 2018 12:18AM)
RIP Ricky!

Huge loss!!
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Nov 25, 2018 12:24AM)
A sad loss of one of the greatest performers in our art. R.I.P.
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Nov 25, 2018 02:23AM)
Message: Posted by: Race Blakhart (Nov 25, 2018 03:53AM)
This makes my heart hurt. Ricky always reminded me of an uncle I had growing up, so I felt a strong connection with him at a young age. It's sad to see him go.
But I am thankful for everything he has given us.

RIP friend
Message: Posted by: Rik Gazelle (Nov 25, 2018 06:53AM)
Sad news indeed. I was fortunate enough to see his "52 Assistants" show in the UK back in 1999. Such a delightfully intimate and spellbinding experience from a truly engaging performer.
Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Nov 25, 2018 07:57AM)
He was an idol.
Message: Posted by: MrPrestoHypno (Nov 25, 2018 08:19AM)
I was lucky to met him at the Yankee Magic Gathering, when he stopped by to visit.
Message: Posted by: camron (Nov 25, 2018 08:21AM)
Last night, for the first time in a while, I said to myself "I should read Ricky Jay's New Yorker article"......... and then I find this out?

Sad and weird............ RIP to, in my opinion, one of the most thoughtful and skilled in the craft!!!
Message: Posted by: Ray Chelt (Nov 25, 2018 09:17AM)
One of my favourite magicians. A true great.

RIP Ricky.
Message: Posted by: DomKabala (Nov 25, 2018 09:22AM)
Sad news indeed :pout: :pout: Rest In Peace Ricky!
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Nov 25, 2018 11:30AM)