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Topic: Close quarters CORRECTION
Message: Posted by: Bob G (Nov 25, 2018 11:34PM)
Hi, folks,

Having looked at Colombini's video, I now realize that in my previous post on "Close quarters" I didn't give credit where credit was due. Colombini's trick is a packet trick (a nice one), pure and simple. I now realize that it was Darko who brought the trick to a whole new level by making making a real coin appear where before there were only drawings of coins on a card. This change, together with Darko's impeccable timing (see link to his video in the post that I'm correcting) makes for a really beautiful effect.

I *really* want to perform your handling, Darko! :) So, how about this?: you and Chris Wasshuber arrange to put your handling for sale on Lybrary.com? Just a thought. I'm sure that some magicians, more experienced than I am, will be able to figure out what you did, but so far the light hasn't turned on for me.

Anyway, I wanted people who are considering buying Colombini's effect to realize that it isn't quite what I described.