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Topic: Magica IV, Secrets from the Vault
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Nov 29, 2018 03:36AM)
[b]Magica IV, Secrets from the Vault[/b]

[url=http://www.barnowskymagic.com/MagicaIV.html]Magica IV[/url] is the eighth latest published book by Dr. Larry Barnowsky and the fourth in the Magica series.

This 156 page book contains 30 powerful original effects with cards, coins, and inventive close-up apparatus, all exceptionally explained with step-by-step instructions along with over 400 color professional photographs and printed on #80 glossy enamel paper. Only 150 numbered copies will be printed. [b]$35.00[/b] + shipping

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Also released earlier this year is his [url=http://www.barnowskymagic.com/21CCMDVD.html]21st Century Coin Mechanics DVD[/url] where he performs and explains 4 of his favorite routines including Coins From Vegas, Invisible Coins and Cup Routine, Copper and Silver by Brute Force, and Boomerang Coins. Also performed and explained are 6 Vanishes including the URV, 4 Transfers including the Flying Changeover Palm, and 4 Changes including the URV Toss Switch.

The 100 minute DVD was filmed in High Definition Video. [b]$27.50[/b] + shipping

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For his full line of books and props go to [url=www.barnowskymagic.com]barnowskymagic.com[/url]