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Topic: WeKnowAnyCard. Card reveal App
Message: Posted by: Pedro67 (Dec 5, 2018 08:11AM)
A big Hello to all at the Magic Cafť.
Iíve been a keen reader of the forum and now Iíve recently registered as a member.
I retired from my ďreal jobĒ and have taken an interest in Magic Apps.
Iíve developed 2 Apps. One is named WeKnowAnyCard and uses a call center agent to reveal the chosen card.

The App has had some good reviews from the magician world but Iíd appreciate some feedback from the magic Cafť forum.


My second App is also a card reveal App but is more traditional and less humorous. It reveals the card by ď Summoning the WizardĒ. The card is displayed and announced by the Wizard.

I have limited promo codes for each App so please Message me if you would like to redeem one. The Apps are very affordable and there is no Ads, in App purchases and they work off line ( no internet or cellular service is required), Please feedback good or bad critique of the Apps.

Thank you
Message: Posted by: rasp (Dec 5, 2018 04:45PM)
The market is saturated with apps that reveal cards......... Do we really need more?
Message: Posted by: Craig333 (Dec 5, 2018 06:24PM)
Course we do, that's like saying there are tons of pick a card tricks.

not sure this app is gonna be that great tbh but for 89p the call center one is worth a punt as it might work great with a marked deck or as an out in your pocket. best of luck with it ;)
Message: Posted by: Craig333 (Dec 5, 2018 06:54PM)
Just bought it and downloaded it now... its better than I thought, still not a fan of the app looking side of it but all in all I can see myself using this especially if the spectator doesn't suspect that I know what the card is when I ring the call center.

nice job ;)
Message: Posted by: Pedro67 (Dec 6, 2018 10:40AM)
Craig Many Thanks for trying out the App and the feedback.
Like you said I can imagine it would be way more impressive with a marked deck. Instead of just saying the card to the spectator it would be novel way to administer the reveal.
As for the look of the App If youíre thinking the home screen could be better .. I agree. For WeKnowAnyCard I was trying hard to disguise that it was an App at all , thatís why as soon as you open the App and make the call the screen changes to a standard call screen.
I will think about making the home screen like a standard Contacts list .
The Wizard Reveal App uses the exact same method but it all happens a bit quicker and the Card is displayed as well as verbally announced.

I was unaware there were many reveal Apps on the market as rasp pointed out. Can anyone give some examples. Iíd be interested to look at them.
Message: Posted by: Craig333 (Dec 6, 2018 01:43PM)
Good idea about the contact list... I like the app and tbh as long as they don't tell you the card then this its a great little effect and the fact it looks appy dosn;t matter as much... it is way too cheap imho but should get a few downloads because of that fact ;)
Message: Posted by: Pedro67 (Dec 7, 2018 07:58AM)
Thanks.Glad you like the App. I will take ďway to cheapĒ as a compliment as in itís good value for money. Itís difficult to pitch the price. Too expensive and it puts people off or too cheap then itís not taken seriously.
Message: Posted by: Lonnie_Lyerla (Dec 7, 2018 03:15PM)
The fact that itís availble for both apple and android users is a bonus. And for a 1$. Thatís super cheap compared to some of the card reveal apps that donít offer the same type of reveal.
Message: Posted by: Pedro67 (Dec 8, 2018 02:47PM)
Thanks Lonnie.
The Android version has a very slightly different method. In some ways itís more robust than the Apple version but both are 100% reliable using the instructions.