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Topic: Lenormand
Message: Posted by: Sean (Dec 9, 2018 01:24PM)
Iím returning to magic after a brief absence and have been looking at bizarre magic type effects because (1) I like tricks that involve stories, (2) I generally dislike pick a card tricks, and (3) I do like weird and oddball stuff. As part of my return, Iíve been learning about the Lenormand deck. I like it better than Tarot for a variety of reasons and was wondering if there are any effects out there using them. Iím sure other effects could be modified, but has anyone gone down this path previously?
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Dec 9, 2018 02:33PM)
...yes, there's plenty to explore - when you consider you get playing cards, a symbol. a number and a word on most...i'm sure you can draw comparisons with some standard mentalism effects eh...

look into the history of madame lenormand if you haven't already - and you'll see lots of avenues to explore...