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Topic: Best place and way to post "How To" video instructions??
Message: Posted by: FrankBenning (Dec 13, 2018 05:30PM)
Not sure where to post this...hope this is the right place??

I have a few effects I've invented and would like to market but not sure the best way to do it so that I can have "how to videos".

These would have several very detailed (video) instructions and I'm thinking a site like "Vimeo" would work where the people that buy the effect could be sent a password (along with the gimmicks) so they could just click on the videos of how everything is done, it'd be like a DVD with a menu but a lot cheaper and still be very easy for everybody to navigate. Not sure if YouTube has a "password only" section or maybe someone knows of any other sites that have this "password" video feature.

Any help here would be very appreciated!!
Message: Posted by: A Magic Cafe User (Mar 6, 2019 04:02PM)
YouTube doesn't have a 'password section' to my knowledge but you could also send your clients the link of an unlisted YouTube video. The video would not show up in the YouTube search bar. Only viewers with the links could access this video. The only problem I could see is that your clients could share the video links with people who have not paid for the effect...

-A Magic Café User
Message: Posted by: FrankFindley (Nov 17, 2019 08:19AM)
A lot of lecturers use vimeo in exactly the manner you described. For example, recently I received several of John Carey's items that way. It works great.

Others just provide a temporary download link to a virtual drive, e.g. google drive, drop box, amazon drive. This works but you must prepare buyer that they are responsible to download before it expires.