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Topic: Does exposure extend to book titles/book reviews? (*not methods*)
Message: Posted by: BCE (Dec 23, 2018 08:01AM)
If I'm doing a movies and magic zine (short for "fanzine" - low-budget, low-circulation, hard copy publication for general audience) - does exposure extend to book titles/book reviews where method isn't actually exposed? I cannot find a definite answer on this.

Currently transcribing an interview for the first issue, and I am likely redacting portions of some of the answers for this very reason.

Example #1: One of Bob Cassidy's books. Definite no-go because a casual reader of the zine would not be privy to it. And because zine would have some laymen audience - no-go on even mentioning his name because of online searching.

Example #2: Royal Road, which is freely available at the public library.

Would mentioning Royal Road (and comparable material) in print constitute exposure?

Any searchable terms or words that would lead a casual reader to method is the same thing as openly exposing the method, and so -

If a searchable term or word *doesn't* lead to method without some effort on the part of who's looking for it...is it still exposure?
Message: Posted by: landmark (Dec 25, 2018 11:59AM)
I think it may depend on the context of the mention. What is it?