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Topic: Small packet color change that's silent & not angly
Message: Posted by: Bob G (Dec 24, 2018 01:00AM)
Hi folks,

I'm looking for -- well, what I described in the subject line! I may have included so many restrictions that no one has invented what I describe, but I'd be grateful for suggestions. The context is a beautiful eight-card packet trick that Juan Fernando shows on a youtube video. I think he calls it "color transfer," and demos the color change he uses in another video called "unexpected change." (The color change uses a packet of four out of the eight cards.) Basically it's a transposition effect, in which one packet (with red backs) mysteriously changes place with another (with blue backs). What makes this one special, IMO, is the visual transformation of the top card of the red packet to blue. The packet is now seen to consist entirely of blue backs, and the blue packet that he left on the table is shown to have changed entirely to red backs.

In his hands the color change is beautiful, but I'm having a heck of a time pulling the bottom card into place on the top without lots of obvious left finger motion that gives away the secret. (And the trick actually calls for the *second*-from-bottom card to be placed on top. I don't know how to do a frowny face, but consider it to be frowning right here!) Also, the angles are somewhat restricted.

Thanks for your help,