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Topic: Magic with a cat or dog
Message: Posted by: cjl467 (Dec 26, 2018 11:45AM)
I’m working on a silly presentation if I’m at a friend’s home who has a pet dog or cat. I’d like to have the dog or cat “pick” things like numbers and cards. I think this can be part of making the performance an adventure of sorts as we follow the dog or cat making the “free choice”. One simple version of this is using DFB, so I just need the animal to “pick a number” but I can’t work out a great way to do this. Here’s all I have:

1) follow the dog until he sits down, counting each step towards his number
2) hold a giant calculator app on an iPad in front of the dog’s nose and see which numbers he presses

Any other ideas? Both of these seem lame.

I just think it’s hilarious to let a pet pick a number.
Message: Posted by: Emory Kimbrough (Dec 26, 2018 05:17PM)
Place a row of dog treats in front of the dog, explaining (to the audience, not the dog) that the treats are to be interpreted as numbers, left to right. Whichever treat the dog eats first is the selected number.

Better to let an audience member place the treats down in whatever order they choose, eliminating the possibility that you're putting a treat that smells better into a particular position.

There's also the old favorite Cow Patty Bingo (do a Google image search). This is often done for charity fund-raiser events. A field is gridded off and numbered like a giant bingo card. Whichever grid / number the cow eventually... ah... fertilizes is the winner. Could be used as a number selection, or you could predict the... ah... chosen number.

I'm unsure whether position forces work on dogs. Or cows.
Message: Posted by: cjl467 (Dec 26, 2018 07:46PM)
Hahaha I SO appreciate and enjoy the cow pie bingo idea. Might have to save that for a whole routine of its own.
Message: Posted by: bluejay17! (Aug 6, 2019 09:31AM)
You could do something bizarre. I had an idea a while back where you pull off part of the animal's ear, I have half a method and no presentation, but it might be funny (in a the-magician-pulled-off-my-dog's-ear sort of way).