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Topic: Billiard Ball Manipulation
Message: Posted by: Link774 (Dec 31, 2018 12:09AM)
I perform at a variety-show sort of event every December and am starting to think about my 2019 routine now that this year is done. This will be my fourth year doing this, I started with contact juggling (which I'd been doing for years). The following year I wanted to do something different, I caught the card manipulation bug and worked on that all year to put a routine together. This year I got into the idea of zombie/floating balls, and put together a routine that was half zombie with a transition into a floating ball (pretty pleased with the hookup for the transition I came up with!). Each year it is a silent act to the same music, so I like to mix it up by doing a different routine, plus it is fun learning something new.

For next year I'm considering billiard ball manipulation, but before I go down that rabbit hole and get some balls and DVDs (will probably start with Levent's Ultimate Guide), I was wondering about angles. I can gather generally what's going on by watching a few routines, but I'm wondering how much I'll be hindered if the audience is about 70-80 degrees off center to my right (left is less of a problem). With cards it wasn't too big of an issue, I could just angle a bit that direction to avoid flashing, but balls are thicker, of course. Also, I'm not sure how angle-sensitive s***ls are, I haven't got a set to play around with yet.

Any other ideas I should think about? Favorite stage routines that work well with just music?
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Dec 31, 2018 10:38AM)
See my post just below (Dec. 14, 2018 (MULTIPLYING BALLS ISSUES)

You just may find information that you are searching for. I've had a working ball routine for about 50 years.

You'll find my handling for working almost surrounded, published in my book. --and, also for my non multiplying balls routine that I've done successfully for about 50 years.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Dec 31, 2018 12:36PM)
PS My dvd is of two 45 minute school shows. The ball routine is in both shows.
Message: Posted by: Link774 (Jan 2, 2019 09:16AM)
Thanks Dick! I'll take a look
Message: Posted by: Link774 (Jan 10, 2019 03:42PM)
Ended up getting a set of 1.7 bond lee balls since the 2's were out of stock and I wanted to get started practicing. Watched Levent's Ultimate Guide and it has a lot of useful information, but some of the moves are presented very quickly. I love the routines at the end, it is helpful to see how some of the masters strung things together! I also got the McBride World Class manipulation series and I'm finding I like the teaching style a bit better, though I'm only through the first DVD currently. The Super Practice sections are nice, so you can see up-close and slowly what he is doing. I wish he had just put out a single ball DVD rather than 3 DVDs each with coins/thimbles/balls! Maybe I'll have to learn coins and thimbles at some point too.