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Topic: Six Impossible Things show in New York by Joshua Jay
Message: Posted by: magicinsight (Jan 1, 2019 07:18PM)
Happy New Year to everyone. I as wondering if anyone has seen Six Impossible Things in New York by Joshua Jay. I was going to take my wife and to teenage sons. It is expensie at around $106.00+ per ticket so I wanted to see if anyone has first hand knowledge of the show.. I have heard mixed things about it. Some have said that the magic is underwhelming, the rooms are cramped and some fo the seats provide incomplete veiws of the routines. The show is limited to 20 people per show. IT is an interesting concept where the show takes place in escape rooms decorated by an artist. I am not looking to know what specific effects are shown (I already have an idea). I jsut wanted to know if it is an experience worth the expense and effort to get to the lower east side of Manhattan for a 75 minute show where you stand for 30 minutes.
Message: Posted by: Cotham (Dec 8, 2019 08:06PM)
Saw this show today and it is absolutely fabulous. Great show and Jay is one of the most engaging and fun performers we have ever seen. Cannot recommend this show highly enough. Amazing and fun.