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Topic: World Magic Shop
Message: Posted by: magikmax (Jan 4, 2019 11:12AM)
Just curious - I've been an occasional customer of World Magic Shop for years, mainly purchasing some of their big Blackpool releases and some of their coin magic. I've visited a few times recently and noticed that it doesn't seem to be a 'proper' magic shop any more, but rather just seems to be selling its own (good but limited) range - even then, a lot of their older stuff is also gone, and there doesn't seem to be many new releases. Does anyone know what prompted the massive change and are they still safe to order from and are they winding up?

It may well have come up on the Wizard Product Review, however I could never take to the presenter that replaced Craig Petty, so I don't watch it any more. Would be sad to see them go given how popular they were even just a few years ago.
Message: Posted by: Philippe (Feb 24, 2019 01:45AM)
Me too, Im wondering what has happened. Is it David and Waynes business now?