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Topic: VANISH Magic Magazine #54 Now Available!
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jan 5, 2019 09:01PM)
Hey gang,

My good pal [b]Paul Romhany[/b] has just released [url=https://joom.ag/sPNa]VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE #54[/url] now available for your reading pleasure.

The best part? Its absolutely FREE!



Click [url=https://joom.ag/sPNa]HERE[/url] to read it online - or [url=http://www.vanishmagazine.com]www.vanishmagazine.com[/url] - best of all itís [i]FREE[/i] - OR purchase you printed magazine.

The January 2019 edition of [url=https://joom.ag/sPNa]VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE[/url] is out now and features the incredible [b]Ray Anderson[/b] and the [b]Esther Follies[/b].
[b]Nick Lewin[/b] was able to spend time with Ray and write an in-depth article on Ray and the Follies - one of the longest running shows in the business.

*We also have the very latest product releases including PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS such as [i]Timeless[/i] and [i]P.G. Balloon by Victor Voitko[/i].
*Variety of magic tricks by [b]Gregory Wilson[/b], [b]David Gripenwaldt[/b], [b]Louie Foxx[/b], [b]Chiam Yu Sheng[/b] and [b]Harvey Raft[/b].
*[b]Bob Fitch[/b] shares his memories of the late French magician [b]Jean Fare[/b].
*[b]Christina Nyman[/b] begins a series on [i]FISM[/i] performers and this issue she talks to [b]Nathalie Romier[/b].
*[b]Jason Ladanye[/b] talks about his decision to become a full time magician.
*[b]Kathy Kalagias[/b] interviews [b]Jeffrey Day[/b] who has been a full time professional magician for 40 years.
*Magic Is Education by [b]Jeff Christensen[/b]
*[b]Jim Sistiís[/b] last article in his series on Reaching The Next Level
*[i]LATEST PRODUCT REVIEWS[/i] - the very lates tricks to come on the market in the last month are all reviewed.

[b]106 pages - available free online or you can purchase a printed edition[/b] - NOTE: There are no less than [i]12 different[/i] printed versions you can now buy.


Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Jan 6, 2019 06:30PM)
Make sure and use the links above.

If you go to http://www.vanishmagic.com/ and click on "Free Current Issue", you'll get Vanish #53, not Vanish #54!