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Topic: Deck Review - Mirz Playing Cards by Zak Mirzadeh
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Jan 20, 2019 07:14AM)


Illusionist Zak Mirzadeh debuts the Mirz brand. The Mirz deck launched on Kickstarter and was funded within 24 hours.

The tuck box has this design wrapped around the bottom with a gradient fade to white, giving a subtle hint to what you will experience when you open the cards. The Mirz symbol is featured on the back of the tuck box, while the top has the suits in CHASED (clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds) order.

Only 2,500 decks printed. No reprints.


Printed with USPCC
Crushed Classic Stock
Air-Cushioned Finish
Traditionally Cut
Extra 3 of Spades
Blank Face Card
Customized Jokers
Tuck Box Card Reveal

You can buy this deck here: https://mirzshow.com/