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Topic: NY Subway performer Olmedini El Mago
Message: Posted by: PhilJake (Jan 20, 2019 01:47PM)
This was buried in the Lens section of the NY Times recently. A photo essay and an encouraging story.

A Blind 78-Year-Old Magician Finds a New Stage: New York’s Subways

After decades of performing on television in Ecuador, renowned magician Olmedo Renteria — aka Olmedini El Mago — showcases his talents to audiences commuting on the city’s subways.
He was born in Ecuador in 1940. He is now 78 years old, a stroke survivor and blind in both eyes -- yet he still works the subways on an almost daily basis.
With his tuxedo, red shirt and courtly manner, Mr. Renteria cut quite a figure among the weary commuters.

Message: Posted by: A Magic Cafe User (Mar 27, 2019 04:46PM)
Wow! I'm a huge fan of the New York Times and I'm surprised that I missed this! Thanks for sharing!
- A Magic Café User
Message: Posted by: elgranmago (Jul 31, 2019 09:54AM)
And now he’s on the cover of Genii!,, Marvelous :)
Message: Posted by: bosami (Aug 12, 2019 12:41PM)
Fantastic story.
Message: Posted by: dclxvinyc (Sep 25, 2019 12:25PM)
"Still gets up every morning and fights his windmill," holy cow that made me emotional. I live in NYC and I've seen him. He's certainly a unique and wonderful man.