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Topic: Looking for silk prof in the Netherlands
Message: Posted by: 8BG (Jan 23, 2019 09:32AM)
Hi, for a juggling act I need some tailor made silk objects. I have tried some prototypes myself but those were not juggable.
So my next turn is to contact a professional tailor or silk shaper, preferably within the Netherlands.
Does any one of you know who to contact for this kind of job?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 23, 2019 05:11PM)
Juggling scarves are available at most toy stores these days, they come with instructions on juggling. Juggling scarves I have seen are not silk, but open weave ladies head and neck scarves nylon. If you have a magic shop avaiable, also talk the owner. They usually can supply.

Do you know how to search the internet? I ask because on your side of world, we cannot get your countries websites list easily. So if you seach Amazon and eBay, enter Juggling Scarves in their seach engines, you should find what is used very easily.