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Topic: Looking for a specific Twisting the Aces effect
Message: Posted by: dilsan78 (Jan 23, 2019 09:52PM)
Hi all. I have been losing my mind trying to locate a specific variation of the Twisting the Aces plot. A long time friend of mine showed me a version where the Ace of Spades had a different colored back which made for a nice kicker. The effect had a classy and smooth handling and was included in a video by a Japanese magician if Iím not mistaken. But this was many years ago and I donít remember the name of the magician, the instructional video, or even the effect name. My buddy graciously gifted me with video but it was damaged in a fire about ten years ago. Sadly my friend passed away late last year and at his funeral service and as was reliving our times of sharing effects the card trick popped into my head. I would love to perform it again as it was a little gem that I have not performed in over a decade. Hoping someone could direct me to the name or magician. I know this is probably a tall order but any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Dollarbill (Jan 28, 2019 08:20PM)
This is a shot in the dark but.....


Did the trick use only 4 cards w/ the ace "only" being the different card? Also there are several effect wher "all" of the cards change. Capitulating Queens is one of em.