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Topic: Name of a South African bizarre props and effects seller?
Message: Posted by: Intrapsi (Feb 2, 2019 05:00AM)
Hi everyone.

Several years ago on eBay, a South African seller built and proposed bizarre props and effects, often reconstructions of tricks of the past.
I believe it also built effects on demand.

Unfortunately, for a long time, I see that it does not offer anything on eBay.

I lost all references (real name and on eBay), including the personal website address.

Can any of you help me find it again?

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Mar 26, 2019 08:28PM)
Was it Baba?
Message: Posted by: gomerel (Mar 27, 2019 08:34PM)
Scolman? Johannesburg. Don't know if he is still doing it.
Message: Posted by: JAlenS (May 13, 2019 07:39PM)
It was Simon Scolman. The website has disappeared and he used to check in here every once in a while. Someone has an item of his in the buy-sell forum. Awesome props. I still have a couple.