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Topic: Name of a South African bizarre props and effects seller?
Message: Posted by: Intrapsi (Feb 2, 2019 04:21PM)
Hi everyone.

Several years ago on eBay, a South African seller built and proposed bizarre props and effects, often reconstructions of tricks of the past.
I believe it also built effects on demand.

Unfortunately, for a long time, I see that it does not offer anything on eBay.

I lost all references (real name and on eBay), including the personal website address.

Can any of you help me find it again?

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Feb 2, 2019 05:44PM)
He was Simon at MagiCurios.com I have a few of his props, and that is all the information that is on my instructions, but he was out of South Africa.
Message: Posted by: David Eichler (Feb 2, 2019 07:07PM)
Scolman was his username on the Café. It's been 2 years since he last posted. His email is in his profile, if you want to try to reach him.
Message: Posted by: gothicmagic (Feb 2, 2019 09:21PM)
They had some cool items, I got the one with the pocket watch
Message: Posted by: Intrapsi (Feb 3, 2019 05:31PM)
[quote]He was Simon at MagiCurios.com[/quote]
Thank you.
Yes, it was him. I remembered something.
Unfortunately, the site is no longer active.
He built very interesting tools.
Message: Posted by: Intrapsi (Feb 3, 2019 05:34PM)
[quote]Scolman was his username on the Café[/quote]
Thank you.
Yes, I had seen that he wrote something on The Café, but I did not remember with what name.
I will try to contact him.
Message: Posted by: DrIlluminatus (Feb 3, 2019 09:41PM)
Look up BABA!