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Topic: Defiance II -- Reed McClintock
Message: Posted by: Doug Peters (May 11, 2004 11:35AM)
Folks have talked about Reed McClintock's ground-breaking final loads for the Cups and Balls in "Defiance II". Indeed, that was the reason that I bought the booklet in the first place. About them, I can only say that they are "almost practical" -- tersely described and leaving altogether too much to the imagination. The first time I tried the routine (for a friendly crowd) I was signalled in no uncertain terms that the method would NOT work as I had understood it. With a bit of restructuring (perhaps of my understanding rather than the routine-as-given) I was able to more than make up for the original failure on the second performance. The [i]idea[/i] is ground-breaking, and, frankly, I needed that ground broken.

I've been doing the Vernon routine since High School, watched Gazzo every summer when he visited Halifax, and studied the Mendoza, Elmsley, Wonder and Carney routines. But until reading "Defiance II", I was NOT inspired to make the Cups and Balls part of my working repertoire: I needed to KNOW that the response to the routine would be sufficient to justify the toting around of those big hunks of metal. I am now convinced. That's how good "Defiance II" is.

The clincher for me is not so much the final loads but the audience involvement. I've seen too many performers turn the Cups and Balls into a "watch how well I can do all these moves" spectacle. Reed's routine inspired me to develop a routine that [i]really[/i] involved a volunteer, and for that, I'm immensely grateful.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Apr 4, 2009 04:33PM)
Mad Hatter has this on sale for only $9.00:
Message: Posted by: vpatanio (Apr 12, 2009 06:02PM)
I have been interested in this for quite some time. I have been doing a 2 cup abbreviated version of Gazzo's routine for a while now and I think I'm gonna pick this up to evolve my routine a bit more. I have heard nothing but good things about this booklet. Thanks for reminding me about this!

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 13, 2009 02:58PM)
A search for Defiance II would have turned up this review which appeared more than five years ago.

Message: Posted by: Andi Peters (May 3, 2009 03:55AM)
I have the original, very rare, Defiance I booklet on the linking ring routine.

I wonder how much it's worth now?