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Topic: The March Issue of Genii is Guy Hollingworth Time
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Feb 20, 2019 09:49AM)

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I met Guy Hollingworth many decades ago and thought, “Yikes, he’s really good.” Now I would say he is one of the best cardmen in the world. And if you were to take a measure of the classiest magician in the world, he would probably top the list. He performs pretty much only his own material, which is a great accomplishment. Even more so when one contemplates the difficultly level of the tricks. He seems to have done, and be able to do, virtually everything better than almost everyone else. I spent a few days in London last year interviewing Guy, and Dustin Stinett has turned it all into a wonderful article in our March issue.

We have an outstanding array of columnists this month, each bringing you their very best. Let me start with Al Schneider’s routine “4fx,” which uses four paper balls, in his column “Broadcast from Nowhere.” Do not make the mistake of passing this by. I strongly urge you to watch the video in our digital edition before reading the secret. * We have another new routine from Harry Lorayne, the second we’ve run in as many months. Card magic at its best, and exclusively in Genii. * Andi Gladwin gives you lots of good reasons not to quit your day job in “Going Pro.” * If you like to call the poker hands dealt from a shuffled deck, then you’ll like John Bannon’s installment of “Dealing with It” this month. * Hannibal gives the word “peril” new meaning in “Happiness is the Road.” * In “Classic Correspondence” Mike Caveney shares another letter this time from Gustave Fasola to Howard Thurston. * We run the final installment of Bob Read’s wonderful “Hidden Treasures” this month. Bob died over a decade ago, but his personality and love for the obscure and a good pun has lived on in his Genii column. It has been my pleasure to run them. * Jonathan Friedman turns in his second “Magicana” and by Jove there are more great tricks! * Slant by Mr. Racherbaumer and reviews of books, tricks, and videos by Francis Menotti, Danny Orleans, and Nathan Coe Marsh round out the issue.