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Topic: Blown Doors
Message: Posted by: Dollarbill (Feb 22, 2019 08:17PM)
What was the first thing you ever saw or read the description of that absolutely blew your doors off and you HAD to learn it? Mine was Tony Hssinis Beggining magic video. When he stuck that deck of cards in that bag and jammed a pen thru it (I believe it was a pen) w/ a string and pulled out the selected card I about fell outta my chair! period!
Message: Posted by: Animated Puppets (Mar 2, 2019 03:58PM)
Not counting the buyer remorse items...

I would have to say the Blizzard Deck. I don't use it anymore, but I still recall the instructions that made me rethink my performances. It was rather simple but carried a lot of weight. It was the instructions for making the switch. It stated it simply...

[b]Be brave, they won't catch you[/b]

Misdirection by confidence and not [i]busy hands[/i].

I buy mostly books now and I have a fondness (compulsion) towards Duck (not Dove) Pans.
Message: Posted by: Dollarbill (Mar 2, 2019 08:36PM)
Awesome! I remember doing that for about 6 co-worker at a "round table" not magicians just a round table" My first performance I " shi**ing my pants at that bold freaking move. IT IS completely covered by the mis-direction. Completely! Period ! its unbelievable! Thank you for chiming in!
Message: Posted by: Dollarbill (Mar 9, 2019 02:43PM)
Anyone else?