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Topic: 4-way out envelope for close up
Message: Posted by: Vraagaard (Mar 1, 2019 03:08AM)
Hi Friends,

I need some advice.

I have Switch-a-lope for stage/parlour type situations, but are looking for a regular looking envelope for close-up situations that facilitates 3-way out or 4-way out.

Remark: I'm not interested in black envelopes, or a stack of envelopes. Just one regular looking envelope to do the job.

Please note type of envelope, and if it handles 3-way or 4-way outs.


Message: Posted by: Rik Gazelle (Mar 1, 2019 03:27AM)
Check out Scott Creasey's "Empty Multiple Out Envelope". It is a DIY project that can be adapted to close-up or stage and multiple sizes of envelopes. It allows for upto 4 outs.

It is available at lybrary.com
Message: Posted by: Chris K (Mar 1, 2019 03:04PM)
I hear Scott's is pretty good, like most of his stuff.

Think about referencing what you already have (like PME): https://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?forum=82&topic=175550#14

It should be relatively easy thinking about how to modify the basic Annemann envelope to do what you are thinking. Or not.