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Topic: Funny little packet trick.
Message: Posted by: stickmondoo (Mar 1, 2019 01:40PM)
Have someone remove four cards and shuffle them. Take the packet back and do a double showing say the Ace of spades. Say this is the card they have shuffled to the top and the one they should keep their eye on then turn the double face down and fairly spread the four cards. Take the top card (their card??) face down and place it second from bottom. Close up as fairly as possible. Now do a triple lift to show the card supposedly on top now, in this case the nine of hearts and say whatever you do donít pick this one. Turn triple face down. Now spread the cards very fairly and ask them to point to the Ace. They should point to the third card down which will be the one they are not meant to pick and their card will be on top where the other card should be. Itís a nice little impromptu routine.
Message: Posted by: Bob G (Aug 11, 2019 03:32PM)
This is cute, Stickmondoo. It sounds like it could be part of a larger routine. You've just told them, "Whatever you do, don't pick the nine of hearts, and then they do! So... what are the consequences of that choice? It reminds me of fairy stories (Don't open that box, don't enter the forbidden room...), so I'd think your trick could lead into second trick which displays the consequences of choosing the "forbidden" card.

That's as far as I've gotten in my thinking. Let me know if you come up with something.

See you,