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Topic: Brahmin (Oriental) Rice bowls story
Message: Posted by: Mantas (May 12, 2004 02:22PM)
I am loking for a story for the Rice bowls trick. Does anybody have any ideas. What should be said while performing this trick?

Thank you!
Message: Posted by: edfliss (May 12, 2004 07:45PM)
This is from my medieval act "Dr. Pyrophorus' Magic of Asia."

3)Rice Bowls (music track 4)

Dr P: In India I found that there are problems feeding their large population. Even cooking water is sometimes scarce. If food cannot be supplied by hard work, then sometimes it can be provided by magic (fills bowl with brown rice).

The magic rice bowl multiplies the food placed in it (covers and inverts the bowl). Now I need all of you to say the magic words with me: “THE MAGIC WORDS!”

You didn’t say them! All together now: one, two, three: THE MAGIC WORDS (lifts the upper bowl—--the rice bowl is now overflowing).

We need water to cook the rice. (He empties the rice into another rice bowl and inverts the bowls again). Say the magic words with me (one, two, three: THE MAGIC WORDS). (The lower bowl is now filled with water which he pours into the clear glass vase). Food and water magically produced!
Message: Posted by: MagicalArtist (May 15, 2004 11:56PM)
The late Bill Severn, that master of patter, had a good patter line for the rice bowls. It went something like this:

"The story was told in ancient China, centuries ago, of the time of great famine when people were starving because the waters of the rivers had dried. According to the legend, they were safe from the drought that blighted the crops by the emperor's magician ... and his magic rice.

"He kept his precious grains in a canister in a cupboard of the palace. Hardly more than a few handfuls ... but with his magic, it was enough to feed the nation even though the rivers had run dry."

The full patter is given in the book "Magic Shows You Can Give. "