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Topic: Selling: Negronomicon by Masklyn Ye Mage
Message: Posted by: askernas (Mar 20, 2019 05:48AM)
Hello all.

Since we've been fighting my daughters horrible brain cancer over the past almost three years, I am now in need ot selling off some of my more priced possessions.

I have #167 of Masklyn Ye Mage's Negronomicon. It's been stored in a dark cabinet in a smoke free home, and rarely been opened.
The lock is said to be original and the book is in very good condition.

As it is a hand made book, as you no doubt know, there are some signs of that in the binding, where the paper was not pressed down hard enough when the book was originally made, so the white cover pages inside the hard cover is a bit wavy, but this is not due to moisture, it is due to glue used and techniques when the book was originally made.

I have (of course) a lot more pictures and don't mind sharing more pictures.

I gave about $1000 for this, but am willing to take offers.

Message: Posted by: Lo Pan (Mar 21, 2019 10:26PM)
Iím so sorry to hear about your daughters cancer, I canít imagine what you and your family are going through. I think I recall this edition being on the market a long while ago and remember thinking that this book was a rare version of an extremely rare tome. The silver/white cover is the only one Iíve ever seen and I donít know how many tony made but it could put a different and unique spin on using the negronomicon. My hopes and wishes for you and for your daughter and I hope your tome finds a good home.
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Mar 22, 2019 07:42AM)
My thoughts go out to you and your family in the stress of dealing with the cancer your daughter has. As a parent that has dealt with similar issues I understand your concern and will be remembering you in the days ahead. My prayers are that recovery lies shortly ahead and that you will have strength.
Message: Posted by: Lo Pan (Mar 23, 2019 03:22PM)
I checked the books/lecture notes for sale section and didnít see this listed - did it sell already? If not you might consider listing it there. I saw a nice copy, number 214 in black alligator skin, for sale on the big auction site for $800. That negronomicon has been sitting for a couple months so I donít know if the price is right yet - but like I said, yours appears to be very unique. Best of luck to you!
Message: Posted by: Lo Pan (Apr 19, 2019 11:59AM)
Did you ever find a buyer for this rare treasure?