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Topic: Lance Caffrey's "The Asian Hustle: Secrets of the Hindu Shuffle"
Message: Posted by: scottvraneshfallin (Mar 22, 2019 04:12PM)
I'm interested in reading this book but of course, it is out of print. A Google search revealed that an online shop called Funny Magic was offering the book as a PDF. Here's the link:


Does anyone know if this is a legit source? I don't want to cheat Mr. Caffrey out of his royalty.

Message: Posted by: Mobius303 (Mar 22, 2019 11:25PM)
Looks like a pirate site. Not Legal.
Message: Posted by: slim23 (Mar 23, 2019 03:23PM)
It is not.

Message: Posted by: scottvraneshfallin (Mar 24, 2019 03:41PM)
Thanks. After looking deeper into that site's listings I all but confirmed that. I'll keep looking on the secondary market. Thanks.