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Topic: Opia by Lewis Le Val
Message: Posted by: John C (Apr 2, 2019 08:35AM)
Just a few words....

I recently made the decision to purchase Opia by Lewis Le Val. This isn't my first Lewis product, I own many. Zoltar is my favorite. In Opia I see a more "mature" Lewis Le Val. What does this mean? I myself have been thinking of a way to articulate this. I mean, in the opening paragraph of the pdf Lewis himself says he has been sitting on this for a long time because he wasn't sure about its power and the effectiveness of it. Then he began performing it and only then that he found the power in this routine.

Each phase is different and shows the real power and meaning of Opia.

In phase one he describes to the spec the meanings of each esp card, not the standard line of these are esp cards designed by Dr Rhine to test esp. Not that but the meaning of each card.

This is good as it gives the performer a lot to work with throughout the routine. And as far as a routine, while there is a routine there is much information he offers to turn this into a "system" you can play with later even while using playing cards.

We learn the true meaning of eye contact and how to use it to divine what someone is thinking.

One phase the performer is the mind reader.
The next phase the spec is the mind reader. Phase two is hit and miss but you set it up for a sure thing on phase three. Phase two will get better and better for you the more you learn the meaning of the symbols and the information Lewis relates.
Phase three is a variant of Phase one but goes deeper

Finally he gives some suggestions on why do we ask specs to write things down.

To me this is one of the most valuable pdfs I've purchased as I believe it will be one of the ones I use most.

I'm glad Lewis decided to release this and I can say he certainly put a lot of thought in the info he offers us.

It is well written and thorough.

Using this and Zoltar will give a performer a good 20 minutes of mind reading to make an audience very satisfied and happy.

Is it worth the $39 price tag? At first I thought no. But after a "serious" read I changed my mind, but this is always subjective.

Good job Lewis!
Message: Posted by: Stunninger (Apr 5, 2019 07:37AM)
Nice review, John. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Message: Posted by: Woodfield (Apr 30, 2019 03:27PM)
Maybe not as “organic” as business cards with esp symbols drawn
on the backs, but the MD Cube with esp symbols would work great
here. Plus you get an extra symbol (infinity)

Message: Posted by: John C (Apr 30, 2019 09:20PM)
[quote]On Apr 30, 2019, Woodfield wrote:
Maybe not as “organic” as business cards with esp symbols drawn
on the backs, but the MD Cube with esp symbols would work great
here. Plus you get an extra symbol (infinity)

Woodfield [/quote]

yes the basic structure could be used in many ways.
Message: Posted by: The_Mediocre_Gatsby (May 1, 2019 12:36PM)
I agree with John. I bought this the other day during the 80% off sale and like the presentation idea. One change I made is to eliminate the first phase and replace it with the spectator guessing which finger on my hand I am thinking of. After a few "wrong" guesses, she gets the right one and we are ready to begin. This is an idea from "Limitless Ahead" by Andy at thejerx.com (http://www.thejerx.com/blog/2015/6/25/presentation-limitless-ahead). I then use the 2nd and 3rd phase of Le Val's Opia as he suggests. Le Val introduces an idea at the end of the ebook which is worth 40 dollars on its own.