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Topic: Do any of you EDC a deck of cards?
Message: Posted by: bdungey (Apr 11, 2019 09:30PM)
EDC = Every Day Carry. Be careful if you've never heard of it - it's an expensive rabbit hole to traverse.

Curious to know if anybody EDC's a deck of cards and if so, what deck and how?
Message: Posted by: The Gold Coin (Apr 14, 2019 02:36PM)
I keep a deck of Bicycle Rider Backs in my backpack, but I'm not sure if that counts. I don't really have the pocket space to actually keep it on me unless I'm wearing a jacket or something similar.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 16, 2019 05:27AM)
I use to carry a deck with me all the time. There use to be a leather card case, with snap closure I bought at the local magic shop. It kept the card box from getting sweaty and dirty.

Meir Yedid has a nice one that goes on the belt currently.


If you are going to carry a deck of cards, then you should learn some card magic effects. Does not do much good if you don't know any effects with a regular deck of cards.
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Apr 16, 2019 06:46PM)
Call me crazy (My wife certainly does on a daily basis :-) ) but I EDC pretty much a short close up show EVERY time I leave the house. I have a "Range Bag" with a single strap that I bought at Walmart sporting goods dept for about $20-$25. t has a large interior with several compartments alongwith several outer pockets and sections. One compartment takes care of My "Other EDC needs" (fully legal and licensed) and is a well hidden pocket within a pocket but the rest holds several decks, rubber band boards (by TCC) <-- these things are awesome http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/11822
Sponge balls, several coin sets, chop cup, close up mat and much more. You never know when the opportunity to entertain will arise, not to mention you can pull something out and practice is you are stuck somewhere for a while.
Message: Posted by: The Gold Coin (Apr 18, 2019 08:53PM)
How big is this bag Poof-Daddy? It sounds like you've got a full set in there.

Do you have a trick to keep the props from hitting each other in transit?
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Apr 20, 2019 10:50PM)
I got mine on markdown. It is small for a backpack but large for a fanny pack. There are pockets and dividers inside and outside to separate everything. I have medical items I must carry every day that also fit. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Fieldline-Pro-Series-ROE-Sling-Bag-Shoulder-Pack-Shooting-Range-Backpack-Bag/51272033

I was originally inspired by the “Born Bag” http://borninnovations.com/shop/borns-bag-the-performers-ultimate-companion/
His price is actually not bad. I looked up leather carry bags for iPad Mini and found many in the same range. His comes with a book too and Patrick makes a folding mat sized for the carry bag.

In the end, I have larger items I must have that would not do in the Born Bag but the one I found does the trick for me. Plus, being a large bellied person, the bigger bag swings to use better for me. My son was home a couple weeks ago on leave and had a blue leather bag for his iPad that was very similar to the Born Bag that he got at the PC on base for $130.00 (and it was definitely too small for me).
Message: Posted by: The Gold Coin (Apr 21, 2019 01:30AM)
The organization sounds pretty good (a lot of backpacks just have nothing). I never thought about trying a range bag, but it makes a lot of sense in retrospect.

I have Born's Bag (which looks really nice), but I'm not sure I see my full sized cups and balls set fitting in it. Maybe a chop cup or a smaller cup set would fit.
Message: Posted by: st3v13 (May 11, 2019 12:45AM)
I often carry a large fanny pack as well, but I like jackets with lots of pockets...so it's not completely necessary.
Message: Posted by: Deckstacker (May 13, 2019 02:02PM)
Just a simple zippered duffle bag with one large compartment works for me, with about the same payload as an oversize woman's purse. I use clear zip-lock bags to keep smaller items identifiable and separated. The bags also allow heavier objects like tuck boxes etc. to slip/slide over each other, preventing many of the dings and corner dents they might otherwise suffer from banging into each other.
Message: Posted by: ActionJack (Dec 31, 2019 12:27AM)
I started carrying everywhere I go so I can practice when I've got downtime. Even if it's just shuffling and controlling a card. I keep a pack in a metal card clip.
Message: Posted by: alexK (Nov 29, 2020 06:26AM)
I never leave the house without a phoenix deck in my porper card clip.