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Message: Posted by: Nem (Apr 13, 2019 02:33PM)
Did anyone ever have a pair of GLASSIZORS(BOB READ)? Seemed like it would be a funny bit. Not sure of the quality, or if it was really only meant for stage. Think Hank Lee put them out.
Message: Posted by: Jef Eaton (Apr 18, 2019 02:32PM)
I had, and still have a set. They are poorly made from a thin plastic and don't look much like scissors or glasses.
I thought it would be a funny bit also, but never used them.
Message: Posted by: Nem (Apr 18, 2019 03:30PM)
Do you have any pictures? You can pm me if you like.
Message: Posted by: Jef Eaton (Apr 23, 2019 10:22AM)
Let me see if I can find them....pretty buried in boxes in the garage.
Message: Posted by: Nem (Apr 23, 2019 03:09PM)
Thanks, appreciate it if you get the chance.