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Topic: Deck Review - Technique Playing Cards Signature Edition
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Apr 29, 2019 07:31AM)

Designed and developed by Chris Severson Technique seamlessly adapts to the fundamentals of cardistry while simultaneously offering infinite new directions for cardists to explore. This is the third deck from the Technique line of cards and the first collaboration with Sean Oulashin!

Technique playing cards are a tool that will help you create and expand your skills in the amazing art of Cardistry. There are 5 different back designs with a rotating border of 5 pairs of colors. These color positions mark the most common edge grips for packet cuts in Cardistry.

In Cardistry, when you break off a new packet, you reveal a new back design. The basic use of Technique is simple: just pick a color and you can only flourish contacting those color positions. This forces you into random and new movements, positions and grips helping you to create new and exciting flourishes every time you break off a new packet! Since each back is a one way, if you rotate it 180 degrees, you get another back design! 10 in total!