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Topic: Penn & Teller Teach the Art of Magic
Message: Posted by: tommeepickles (Apr 30, 2019 10:47AM)
...In their first-ever MasterClass, Teller breaks his silence as he and Penn teach their approach to creating moments of wonder and astonishment...


Website https://www.masterclass.com/classes/penn-and-teller-teach-the-art-of-magic

It looks like $90 class or $180/yr and online..

17 lessons all together all listed on the site,
Message: Posted by: philraso (Apr 30, 2019 04:41PM)
Wow. And people were mad they gave away thumb tips.
Message: Posted by: CardCarrier (Apr 30, 2019 05:47PM)
Love the idea of hearing Teller talk magic. Iíve read his stuff but nice to be able to hear him.
Message: Posted by: professortango (Apr 30, 2019 07:45PM)
I bought the class and was really disappointed. The lessons are pretty short and kind of goes over theory generally and quickly while teaching very basic moves. The best lessons were the bonus chapters where they workshop a couple routines and you get to see them break down what works and what doesn't and why.
Message: Posted by: Inert (May 1, 2019 08:43AM)
Bummer to read that Professor. At least you got something out of it.
Message: Posted by: Ian Richards (May 14, 2019 07:37PM)
This class is consistent with the model for all of the other Masterclass courses. It basically assumes no prior knowledge, but that you have an interest in learning about the topic. As such, this is not a product specifically aimed at magicians. I got something out of it based on the discussions of theory, not so much the tricks. I have previously purchased the Steve Martin Masterclass and enjoyed it also.
Message: Posted by: mathewsherryk (Jun 2, 2019 03:15AM)
Excellent bits of knowledge. The lessons were too short though. Would have been desirable to have more performance. :(
Message: Posted by: OzTheMentalist (Jun 5, 2019 05:44PM)
I was also disappointed in it. Even if aimed for beginners, beginners aren't going to enjoy the material.
Message: Posted by: Khopri (Jun 30, 2019 07:15AM)
Just started watching Penn and Teller's Master Class. I had a friend give me the full subscription for all the classes as a Christmas present and they just announced P&Ts class as a new addition.

The first video (class?) they teach the French drop with aluminum foil balls (They also teach the full tinfoil ball and solo cup routine). They have 3 people that know absolutely nothing about magic and they work them through the process of how to hold their hands, when to make the drop, how to do the reveal, etc. I watched as they stumbled through it, but only after a few minutes, they started smiling and understanding the mechanics of it. Then they got really excited and laughing at how cool it was.

And that's the thing that did it for me. Watching these people see that spark of "oh I get it....this is awesome!" hit their faces. Watching people learn how its done and start to get the bug. That was worth the price of admission right there for me.

If you havent watched it yet, I think it would be a great resource to add to your collection.

I just have to say that this is my first post in...god knows how long. So happy that this little outpost on the internet still exists. I love you guys. :cups:
Message: Posted by: Khopri (Jun 30, 2019 12:35PM)
OK, now I see the previous replies about this.

I watched the whole series of videos. Yes, its very basic. Yes, its going to be boring for most magicians, but to see the spark of magic in people's eyes, it was worth it.