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Topic: Manifestations, the ultimate seance
Message: Posted by: belotte (May 2, 2019 08:51AM)
Hello all.

I have the original package of Manifestations, the ultimate seance from Lee Earle.

Unfortunately, I've misplaced the audio tapes.

Is there anywhere that I can purchase the set again?

Thank you,
Richard Belotte
Message: Posted by: Pizpor (May 2, 2019 07:14PM)
When I got them they came as a 9 audio CD set, but even those donít seem to be available from what I can tell. But if you have the book, that pretty much describes the entire show in pretty good detail. Iíd check with Hocus Pocus or maybe Stevens to see if they might know. Good luck, hope it works out.
Message: Posted by: the Sponge (May 2, 2019 08:57PM)
Yeah, I haven't seen it for sale in quite some time. Lee Earle is on Facebook and relatively active though. Might be worth a Shout.
Message: Posted by: belotte (May 3, 2019 11:11PM)
Thanks guys.

I'll give those shot.