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Topic: Poker Deals by Michael Daniels
Message: Posted by: Michael Daniels (May 4, 2019 03:38AM)
Just released by Lybrary.


Here is the blurb:

Poker Deals includes two self-working card effects, ideally suited to performing for spectators who are familiar with the rules of poker. Both effects utilize the StayCard Principle and were first published in OCD and Other Effects: The StayCard Principle.

Ten Card Poker Deal Variation

A procedural variation on Arthur Buckley's celebrated Ten Card Poker Deal. The magician and a spectator are each dealt five cards (either person can deal). The spectator decides whether to keep his cards, or whether the cards should be mixed by dealing again. No matter how many times the dealing is repeated before the cards are examined, the magician's hand wins. [Note: This effect is also included in Bob Farmer's encyclopedic The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier.]

15 Card Poker Deal

Fifteen cards are counted from the deck, mixed and cut. The magician deals the cards into three poker hands. The hands are examined and the magician wins. The cards are collected up, mixed and cut, and dealt again into three hands. The magician wins. This procedure is repeated a third time - and the magician wins. For a fourth and final time the cards are collected up, mixed and cut, and dealt into three hands. Despite good poker hands obtained by both spectators, the magician wins with a full house. [There is a full, unedited performance video of this effect on the Lybrary page]

Note that both effects:

use normal cards (no gimmicks)
are practically self-working
are instantly reset
can be performed as packet tricks, or with a full deck.