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Topic: Technical question
Message: Posted by: misamagic (May 5, 2019 02:47AM)
I am interested, in a trick, to cut the mem deck so that a certain card/stack number is at the bottom of the deck.
Is it ok to replace estimation, cut, peek, undercut by spreading the deck face up and finding and eliminating the jokers and in this process cutting the deck at the right place?
Are there any books/dvds on this?
Thank you
Best regards
Message: Posted by: Waterloophai (May 5, 2019 09:21AM)
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (May 5, 2019 09:44AM)
+1 for Http://maigret.org/csystem/
Message: Posted by: misamagic (May 10, 2019 10:33PM)
Thank you very much.
i also found a move by allan ackerman: ultimate gesture cut. I trust it can be used to cut a deck to a certain place.
best regards
Message: Posted by: JanForster (May 11, 2019 06:46AM)
There are several ways to proceed... I normally prefer to cut the face down deck and proceed (like Simon Aronson describes it very well) by “cut, glimpse and adjust”. It should just look like toying with the cards. Generally it is easier to cut a bit less than you need as the adjusting is easier if you have to cut additionally a card/some cards from top to bottom than cutting from bottom to top. Jan
Message: Posted by: Rhu (May 12, 2019 08:55AM)
+2 for Http://maigret.org/csystem/