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Topic: Favourite revelations
Message: Posted by: aabc (May 6, 2019 01:27PM)
I couldn't find any similar threads so my apologies if they already exist. I am trying to construct a routine using svenpads, and I want to do something more than just a standard prediction. I was wondering what revelations you enjoy using, having forced something. Examples would be Richard Jones' audition on Britain's Got Talent a couple of years ago, where he revealed a celebrity with Phantom Artist and a drink with tea in an orange juice can.

Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Taylor (May 7, 2019 12:44PM)
Photographs work really well, especially for the "Triple Bank" Sven. Three participants each "choose" a different feature that are later pointed out in a photo. Cheers.

Message: Posted by: dyoung (May 8, 2019 01:02AM)
Maybe you're going about it the wrong way. You're starting with a method, whether its the most suitable or most deceptive for the trick. Try to focus more on the effect first. Unless you're planning on entering Britain/America's Got Talent, or the local equivalent thereof, in which case you must use Svenpads or you are disqualified.

All the best,
Message: Posted by: aabc (May 8, 2019 01:40AM)
The Svenpads aren't actually the main routine in themselves; they are an extra part of a chair-type routine with various predictions, so I have the overall effect and method, but I wanted to improve the sub-effects. Thank you for your thoughts though.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 8, 2019 09:10AM)
Yeah, but what's the presentation? No point just chucking stuff at it randomly...

For me, all predictions should resonate with the person experiencing it,and also relatable for those watching it...

Unless you're a dunningeresque kind of performer where they are more a display of your gidt/power rather than focusing on emotion - it's about test conditions above all else in that case...
Message: Posted by: aabc (May 8, 2019 11:44AM)
I very much agree with what you are saying. A couple of points though:

When you say resonate, do you think that that makes all chair tests invalid, as they have no real relevance to people's lives? Personally, that is why I use it amidst other things to demonstrate what I am saying, i.e. that no choice is ever truly random, or that their choices can be manipulated, which is what my presentation is along the lines of. The revelations will, in my eyes, add more colour to the routine as they will make the predictions more meaningful and relevant to the participants and audience, IF they are appropriate to the presentation. By creating this thread, I intended to see what people liked to use, and then seeing if anything would fit me as a performer and the routine.

Out of interest, how do you think a dunningeresque performance compares to a more emotion based routine?
Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 8, 2019 12:00PM)
Don't do stage, so chair tests aren't for me... Saying that, I have one that I created for the environments I perform in...


It's always about your persona and how you are doing what you are doing...

I mean, there's room for light and shade right, but it's all contextual isn't it. That's why we often struggle.
If I were to imagine an emotionally driven chair test, I'd maybe want to put different types of toys on each chair and use that as the key reason as to why they picked that chair.

As for dunninger, I found him a little dry personally. His routines are wonderful though. If I had to pick between say canasta and dunninger, I'd pick chan every time. And he was also not emotionally driven. But his character had wit and charm.

So id rather have seen chan do a chair test than dunninger. Because the performer would make it more interesting, exciting engaging etc.

When I say resonate, maybe I mean it needs to capture the watchers attention throughout. Rather than thinking "get on with it".

I'm now going to think about a toy based chair test.
Message: Posted by: aabc (May 8, 2019 01:19PM)
That is weird. My original idea for the theme of the chair test was toys too. I was going to force colours on them with a force bag of lego bricks as part of the prediction. However, the method I need to use (to fit with the other things in the routine) won't allow them to choose where they sit (it is more of an envelope test). Also, the envelopes will be forced. Is there any way that you think I could make it seem as if they were drawn to a particular chair/envelope/other thing?

In terms of resonating, I am aiming to disperse revelations throughout the routine in such a way that, as you say, their attention is held throughout. Do you think that a revelation i.e. a drawing dupe is ruined if their word/picture was predicted anyway at the end?

Also, do you think that chair tests can only be for stage? Surely most parlour venues can accommodate 4 chairs?
Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 8, 2019 01:59PM)
Ah no. My idea would be to put a different toy on each chair. The first person picks their favourite, the rest will have to make do. So that's its own dynamic. Then if you ask each whixh they really wanted then....

Then it probably starts detracting from the point of the routine...

I think your idea (as well as my own) needs to be far more direct and to the point.

But, we've not heard the premise of your routine yet. Why lego bricks etc
Message: Posted by: aabc (May 8, 2019 02:14PM)
The lego bricks were only my original idea, and I was planning to put them with the idea you mentioned of the person picking the chair with their favourite toy. But it came to nothing as I couldn't make it direct enough or find a suitable method. I have pretty much scrapped that idea now, but ideally I would still like to make it as if they have chosen that particular chair/envelope because of the thing it has on it.

Otherwise, although I am not decided yet, the premise of my routine is that I am manipulating the 'unrandomness' of human thinking. I am still looking for a way to make it more compelling and to resonate with the audience. Any thoughts would be most welcome.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 8, 2019 02:19PM)
I think you'd need to either explain to the audience of your terminology, unrandomness... Or choose a different term...

If toys don't directly relate to your theme then don't use them...

Only my opinion though!
Message: Posted by: aabc (May 8, 2019 02:25PM)
Of course-I would probably demonstrate by talking about the likelihood of picking 7 from 1-10, and AS or QH from a deck of cards. I find that this really interests people, so for me, that would be a nice way to begin the routine.

Otherwise, do you think that revelations dispersed throughout like drawing dupes are ruined if their words/pictures were predicted anyway at the end?
Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 8, 2019 03:21PM)
If I were you, I'd research other chair test work and see how they are presented... See if others are doing what you want to do...

Then see if the plot ties together and makes sense logically and is clear, direct and simple for people to follow...
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (May 8, 2019 06:04PM)
My favorite means to reveal information is via Ouija board. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: mindmagic (May 9, 2019 04:08AM)
[quote]On May 8, 2019, Philemon Vanderbeck wrote:
My favorite means to reveal information is via Ouija board. :devilish: [/quote]

I've used that too. You'll find the idea in Thirteen Steps.

I personally like to avoid predictions, so I usually present them as successful attempts by participants to read my mind.