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Topic: A2 Bomber Jacket
Message: Posted by: tommy (May 8, 2019 05:50PM)
Do any of you fellows know what they cover the suede with to make it look like leather?

Message: Posted by: stoneunhinged (May 9, 2019 07:13AM)

Do I know what kind of dye is used? No.

And suede [i]is[/i] leather. It's just inside rather than outside part of the skin. What I just learned: sheepskin with the wool left on is called "shearling." (The spell checker thinks I spelled the word wrong, but I didn't.)

Cool jacket! I just looked it up: $1,335 in my size. That's too much money for a jacket I won't ever need to wear in the ever-warming climate in Germany.
Message: Posted by: tommy (May 9, 2019 07:43AM)
I have one and they do not just look like leather but feel like leather also: shiny rather than dull like suede. I bought mine at the Army and Navy store for 25 in the good old days. In 1971 actually, because of seeing THE HEIST in which Warren Beaty wore one. Anyhow, I also have a suede sheepskin, shearling and I want to dye it midnight blue, which was the original color of Bomber Jackets.
Message: Posted by: stoneunhinged (May 10, 2019 02:27AM)
Dyeing your jacket would lose the patina of the jacket. I don't think I would touch it. If you bought it nearly fifty years ago in an Army and Navy store, it's got a lot of history in the patina. It would be like ripping down a statue of Robert E. Lee. Seems trendy, but denies history.

Blue would be way cool, though.

I'm compelled, however, to tell the story of the fat guy at the urinal. The guy next to him asks, "when is the last time you saw it?" The fat guy admits, "it's been a while." The other guy asks, "why don't you diet?" And the fat guy, in a sort of panic, asks, "WHY? What color is it now?"
Message: Posted by: tommy (May 10, 2019 05:13AM)

I'm compelled to tell you a half cast pal of ours says he is so unlucky that he is white from the waist down.

Also, I am not going to dye my old bomber. It is my new suede sheepskin that I am going to dye.