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Topic: Art of Magic, Chicago, July 8-10
Message: Posted by: TStone (May 16, 2019 02:37AM)
Professionals in all artistic fields make sure to hone and evolve their art. Singers, actors, dancers...taking classes to further themselves are quite common.

But somehow, we lack that tradition in magic. And since we never had it, we don't know that we miss it.
Therefore, most of us eventually reach a spot where we feel stuck, or caught, in our artistic evolution. A spot where our original ambitions have been both reached and surpassed, and in lieu finding new goals to strive towards, we continue the motions without really getting anywhere. Many performers recognize this. But where all other artistic fields have solutions for that, we in magic have none.

Lectures are more a passive consumption of inside information (or camouflaged dealer shows) than learning events.
”Workshops” tend to be either extended lectures, tutorials on the mechanics of a few specific tricks or, occasionally, just fuel for personality cults.

Workshops where we actually *work* in order to evolve our ability, taste and actual knowledge are exceedingly rare.
Since 18 years back, I’ve struggled to amend that. Tried to evolve a learning model that is different from the traditional teacher/student model. More based on the hands-on imperative than anything else. And it have turned out quite well!
So, I’m bringing it out in the world.

July 8-10, Chicago: https://magic-workshops.com/event/art-of-magic-chicago/